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I thank you all, my viewers, for supporting me in what I do. Seriously its your kind words of support that keep me inspired. I really try to put a lot of effort into my artwork to give you all the quality of artwork you come here for. That said, I've put up a little PayPal "tip jar" here so that if you like what you see and might not necessarily have enough for a commission but would still like to support me in posting my artwork online and viewable to the public, you can donate or leave a tip, as it were.

Please bear in mind this is not obligatory, more like when you go to the Museum of Natural History you can pay an optional donation to help the museum curators run things behind the scenes and continue to bring you what you came to see.

Hey, an artist needs supplies to keep drawing afterall :)

Thank you all so much!

Current Commission Progress List
-Iisaw - painting - painting background
-Melody: 3.5/8 sketches done
-Fenny -Paid In Full - painting character
-Foxjump - Digital painterly commission - sketched
-Katarina - two tone badge - haven't started

*If you have an outstanding commission or shipment with me and don't see your name on this list and your commission has not already been completed and sent to you, please note me!
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Making my first post in a long time because I think necessity has looped back around enough that we need LJ again, so I guess I'll give it a shot? And public, wowww big day for me.

I pretty much live on Twitter these days. I'm @ThornwolfArt if you're not already following and would like to.

So what's new since I last posted? Well, a lot. skorzy and I are going to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary next weekend with a small group of close friends in Joshua Tree. See, we had planned on exchanging vows in Joshua Tree the first time around, but 4 days before our wedding the government shut down, and with it, all of the national parks. It worked out in the end with a backup plan, but we'd still like to have a 1 year reflection in our original location.

Also, I recently got a job! It was originally supposed to be a contract position that ended in October, but they like me so much they offered me a full-time job. That...that is a huge deal. I've been un/underemployed for over 2 years now, and fortunately we had one income so that was ok but wow. That just does a number on your self esteem and psyche. Not a lot of people know this because I find it irrelevant to my online life but I am (surprise) NOT an artist in my RL professional life. I'm a copywriter/marketer. I have been at this for about 7 years now and while freelance has been okay, I've been trying to get a full-time relationship with a company on a contract basis or even become an in-house employee, but it's been hard getting over the hurdles. Long story short, apparently I proved my worth, they love me, and I love them, and I'm happy!

I'm working on finishing all of the outstanding commissions in my queue so I can go back to doing art out of my own head again. That's where my Patreon comes in but I only have so much time to dedicate, so finishing my list of owes, not taking any more, then using Patreon to both encourage me to draw the things I've been meaning to and also give back to the folks who have supported me.

So yeah! Hi, hello. :)

*EDIT* It occurred to me that I never shared my wedding photos here! So here's a link to 2 Tumblr posts I put together outlining everything. I'm pretty proud of this, as it was mostly DIY on a limited budget and we had TONS of fun with it :3
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Getting Married! - Raising some last minute funds through TONS of art for sale!

It's been a loooong time since I've posted a journal here, I know, I'm sorry. I'm mostly found elsewhere these days since it's far easier for me to upload directly to a gallery than upload to Photobucket and make a journal entry here. Some places I can be found:

Twitter: @ThornwolfArt

That said, if you've been keeping up with my galleries, you may notice that a lot of my recent uploads are for sale! My Storenvy shop has a lot of originals for all budgets, prints, stickers, magnets, you name it, please check it out!:

Since some of my watchers on other galleries have asked, if you'd like to help us with our wedding fund through small gifts or donations and don't see any art you'd like in my shop, we'd be absolutely thrilled if you could help through our Honeyfund account here!:

Thanks so much :D And thank you for supporting me and my artwork!
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Werewolf Calendar 2013

It's that time of year again! I am so honored to have been invited once again to join the Werewolf Calendar project for the 2013 edition!

Preorders are currently open! First 150 orders get a free bookmark and sticker! Given the designs of both this year, SO worth it :D

Please visit to order!

Here is my submission.

"Retaliation" - Photoshop


The harsh living conditions found in arid desert areas surprisingly do not drive out werewolves from inhabiting such regions. By the nature of the isolated locals, where both man and other competing predator populations are sparse, deserts provide a relatively safe territory for werewolves to inhabit. As a result some werewolf lineages extend several dozen generations in a particular desert territory giving these werewolves the advantage of learning skills necessary to survival in such a harsh habitat from their parents. Also as deserts are usually inhabited by much smaller animal species, werewolves, while hunting such animals as snakes, lizards, hares and even foxes, will often require a supplemental diet of roots, tubers and even insects. Some werewolves will remain in human form to survive times of extreme drought while others will turn to a balanced omnivorous diet that will even include poisonous insects such as scorpions and venomous snakes.

For this piece, I went way outside of my comfort zone and tried a bunch of new things: Textures, perspective, and dramatic lighting. Big thanks to those who helped me in the creation process! I chose to depict Mexican wolves as I felt it would fit the region better, and I chose a setting reminiscent of Joshua Tree National Park as it is a very special place to me. The wolves use crude obsidian hand tools (harvested from the local mountains, I myself have some large chunks from the area!) to hunt their dinner of venomous rattlesnakes, but not without a fight!
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Win FREE Art!

I think it's about time for some customer appreciation, what do you think?

From now until next week, for every $5 you spend in my Storenvy store you are entered into a drawing to win a free 5x7" 1 character watercolor painting like the examples you see here! For example, you buy $15 worth of prints, that's 3 chances to win!

And hey, do you know what's $5? PONY STICKERS. Yep, added those too!

Please also note, I have added quite a bit of new merchandise to my store, lowered some prices, and am also removing some items, so a lot is going on there. This is just a chance for me to say "thank you" to my loyal watchers. You deserve a bonus :)

Check out my store at

Thanks for looking!

Love - Niko/Greylock

Joshua Tree

Our friends foxfeather and mbala came for a short visit this weekend. We had promised that should they make it out to the southwest we'd take them to our favorite place in the world, Joshua Tree National Park.

The weather was perfect, though a little windy, but the sun was shining and some of the blooms on the cacti were still visible. I think they were really impressed by this unusual landscape and it was a joy to share it with them for their first time. skorzy played tour guide the whole time, explaining the history of places like the mines, park formation and why it has such large piles of boulders, Cap Rock and the fate of Gram Parsons, just to name a few.

We then meandered to my absolute favorite place in the park, Barker Dam. I love Barker Dam not just because it's a relatively easy walk that's partially shaded, but it offers amazing panoramic views that look like a matte panting, it's so unreal! It's the perfect tree to boulder to mountain ratio that if I were to paint an image of the park, I would pick that spot for its composition and color. We showed them the petroglyphs (that have, of course, been enhanced and fabricated by Hollywood like everything else in this state, heh), birded a bit (saw some western tanagers and Gambel's quail!), various plants and bushes (cheese bush! Which smells nice but sadly not as cheesy as I would have liked). Eventually we all made our way to the dam itself, which regrettably had dried up due to our unusually dry winter, but the view was still just as spectacular and the remaining moisture left the air pleasantly cool.

skorzy and I always hit up Barker Dam on our trips just to sit and enjoy the silence and the views, it's been a place that has been "us" since we first started going to the park together. I'm sure this is why he felt it only fitting that this be the place where he got down on one knee and said "Nicole, will you marry me?"


Unable to take in that this moment was actually happening, I somehow was able to come out from my out-of-body experience long enough to happily squeak "of course!" and a lot of other words I cannot mention in polite company, but being in my favorite place with my favorite person in the world with two of my closest friends to witness it, it couldn't have been any more perfect! They all also caught me completely off guard, I didn't suspect a thing! They'd all been planning this unbeknownst to me XD

A couple of funny things leading up to it though, when we were getting ready to go to J-Tree, I was putting makeup on. skorzy saw me getting all dolled up and thought "oh crap, she suspects! She's trying to make herself look good for pictures!" Nope. I just thought it might be nice to have some eyeliner on, completely innocent!

As we were driving to the park we passed a bed and breakfast that I saw online that looked really gorgeous. I mentioned "And they do weddings!" and mbala got super quiet. I had thought that maybe he either didn't care or that he was confused that we had gotten engaged and hadn't yet told him and he was trying to piece that together..but no! He thought that I suspected and that was his "uh oh" silence! XD

But wow, I couldn't have asked for a better moment or a better man. I love you skorzy!
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Paleo Dutch Babies and Tumblr

I've pretty much stopped using this thing to post art for a few reasons. I get fewer comments than if I posted on galleries, and I've kind of migrated to Tumblr for my WIPs and sketchy doodles. It has an "instant" quality that I enjoy in that I don't have to upload my images to photobucket or LiveJournal pics to post images, I can literally just "browse" and post and it sends it to my Twitter as well.

I do still check LJ to read other people's posts and comment though, I'm just less inclined to post myself. Sorry if that bums you out D:

If you'd like to follow me there, I'm at

But I do have a recipe to share with you guys!

Unfortunately my love for German Pancakes doesn’t play nice with my paleo-inspired diet, so I had to surf around the internet to find a reasonable alternative. I found this recipe online but had to modify it quite a bit through trial and error. There could still be a few modifications and it’s not a complete replacement for the real thing, but it’s pretty close and satisfies the same craving.

Makes one, but this split between two people and served with a side of scrambled eggs is perfect. These things are HUGE


7 oz coconut milk (1/2 can)

4 eggs

2 Tablespoons coconut flour

1/8 tsp table salt (original recipe called for 1/2 tsp, this is WAY TOO SALTY for me)

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp cinnamon (original recipe called for 1/2 tsp, I don’t like a lot of cinnamon though, add to taste!)

Optional: 1 tsp honey. Original recipe doesn’t call for it but non-paleo boyfriend thought it needed a sweet element so I added a little. This satisfies me but he’s going to put powdered sugar on his next time. Not for me thanks!

2 Tablespoons of coconut oil or unsalted butter (this is for the pan, so whatever your preferred cooking oil is)


1. Preheat 10” cast iron skillet to 450 degrees in oven

2. After 10 minutes, remove from oven and coat with coconut oil or butter

3. Reduce heat to 425 degrees

4. Blend or mix all of the other ingredients together, then pour into the skillet

5. Cook for 20 minutes or until slightly brown. It will puff up in the oven and sink back down. Delicious!

I always eat my Dutch Babies/German Pancakes with a coating of butter and some squeezes of lemon juice. My favorite!
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Bluth Dogs

I grew up idolizing Don Bluth, and even though there's a lot of weirdness to his movies that I notice now as an adult, I still just love his style, so I've Bluth-ified Greylock and Niko. Sparklies galore! Also obligatory Secret of NIMH necklace because this picture wasn't sparkly enough, and yeah yeah I made Niko into a Bluth girl after all. She's making the woo-woo eyes

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3 day auctions - also an art update

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been awhile. Anyhoo, I'm looking to raise some money to finally grab myself a decent postage scale so I can provide more accurate shipping costs and save myself a little time when tending to furry matters and general eBay endeavors. I've put up a couple of auctions for original artwork, new and old, up on Dealer's Den. This is my first time using that auction site and I must say, I love the interface! I've just posted them today and two items have already gone to a good home, so I'm very grateful if you could take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy!

These auctions end this weekend so please check em out!


And as promised, some new art, because it's been far too long between art updates here.

This is what happens when you ask a non-fur who has only the vaguest of understanding of the fandom to design his fursona.

"I wanna be a....juggalo babyfur...CAT BUS! That uh...looks like my roommate's cat. *points to cat*"

This is for my friend Marie's roomie.

Chibi badge for Jill0r/JillCostumes of her asshole cat suit, Chingado

Collapse )

In other news I spend most of my life (probably more than I need to) on Twitter these days, you can follow me there @ThornwolfArt
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Love - Skorzy





Seriously though, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and especially to my schmoopsy poo, skorzy

Merlot is red,
Pinot Noir is too,
So let's raise a glass
To me and you!

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