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okay, drew this last night when i was high on hot chocolate. its Rio! and she dances on the sand! well..not really..but its her...

gonna sell her on furbid and see what i can get for her. *grin*

also, talked to Dogz about a fursuit for Tavis. i dont think hes sure on what character he wants to get but i know he wants to get one eventually.
*hugs Dogz* thanks for everything =) ill let you know what he decides. its not for right now, but perhaps for next year..were thinking about going to some Furry Convention of sorts...right Xian? *wink wink*

god i wanna go to one of those..they seem so fun! =)

*glee* this seems so fun! im in a good mood right now. im gonna go to my dads house tonight though so were gonna go see a movie, hopefully that will put me in an even better mood *even though ive pretty much seen everything* ah well =)

oh and good luck CW on winning that bobcat taur pic! Im not sure if Goldfur is about to give up though...but he already has 2 of my pics so maybe he'll give up?
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