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im sick, dont mess with me

okay first of all i got PMS and cramps like you would never believe, im curled up in a blanket Tav gave me and i look like Obi Wan meets the Virgin Mary and im NOT in a good mood.

yeah..wanna know why? its cuz of you. you who had the nerve to e-mail me and say everything was fine when i havent done your commission yet.
sure its taken me 4 months but you get what you pay for. a highschool student WITH A LIFE unlike yourself, whos in actuality giving you a discount on inked drawings. breathing down my neck is not the answer. getting your wife to nag at me is not the answer. trying to make me pity you is not the answer.

oh..and i love how you write about me in your live journal about how im this oh so horrible person and that you can barely scrape by cuz youre an author. well got news for you, IM LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB! art does not pay for everything, thats why you need to get a better job IN THE REAL WORLD to at least get you on your feet. now i know 7-11 is technically a job...but you say youre a programmer, do some fucking programming.

and i love it that you e-mail me with *its okay, youre right, anger is not the answer, go ahead and start on a different drawing if one particular one is giving you a lot of hassle*
but then you turn around again and rant about me on your livejournal?! real sincere there. oh and thanks for mentioning every name i go by too so everyone of your little "buddies" gets a chance to say "oh wow, this Thornwolf sounds like a total bitch!" well i got new for you, im not.

JerryLeeps and Michele have had the courtesy of understanding that i am in fact working on their commissions, but wanting to do a god job, and after all, its first come first serve, and they were first. any side projects are to MAINTAIN MY SANITY. would you rather me do a shit job and slap it out in 2 minutes or really try to get the look and feel right? well, now thats not an option, cuz i quit. i quit your stupid mind games. you want your measly 15 bucks back..*ooh! whine whine cry cry booey hooey i need the money!* ive told you a thousand times before ill give it back if it means that much to you..but to be quite honest i think i should use it to help pay for my therapy session tomorrow.

one more thing id like to add, that you are SO UBERMATURE that you block me from responding to your LJ. why, cuz youre afraid my little *buddies* are gonna harass you? afraid i might say something that might make some sense? someone posted this in your Live Journal and you thought i couldnt read it....HA! thats a laugh..but i believe they do have a point.

you should stop boo-hooing that your stuff doesnt sell and that /artists/ get all the fame and friends. START APPLYING YOURSELF! if those editors hated your stories so much, then maybe its time to change something. after all, artists get critiques and if we dont change, were still gonna suck! =D

Reike (reikecorsac) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:

> (this is what i said) hey..what did i say about mentioning my name anyhow? you need a life.

> second of all, why dont you try putting some of your stories on furbid.
> ever try that? theres lots of stories there believe it or not. just a
> FRIENDLY suggestion

Their reply was:


First thing is first. You decided to write stories so it's your own
personal matter that should not be compared to art. 2nd Thorn is an
artist or better yet human, she's not a machine that just pops out what
you order. I know you waited a long time and payed her but sometimes
some motivation is needed for good artwork and believe me, forced art
doesn't come out as good. Yeah art on the net is more appreciated and
all in all, I myself am an artist but hell I do it for fun. Anyways I
agree with Thorn, maybe try on FurBid, I've seen a person selling a
maybe 1000 word story for 100$ ofcourse it was suited to the buyer as in
they tell the person what they want it to be about. I'm not seeking
flames and the bitching, I've said what I did and stand by it.

Thanks Reike, wherever you are. you make a good point *nods*

also, if you notice my recent uploads there is not ONE BIT of "furry fandom fan art" for my "little buddies" ANYWHERE! so yeah, youre lying on that part and dont know how to recognize fanart when you see it.

so yeah, grow up, and let me know your paypal address so i can send you your precious money back. or shall i keep it to remind me im a bad bad bad person? *oooo!*

oh yeah..and notice i didnt mention your name anywhere in this entry? its cuz im not gonna stoop to your level. have a nice day.
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