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im sick, dont mess with me - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
im sick, dont mess with me
okay first of all i got PMS and cramps like you would never believe, im curled up in a blanket Tav gave me and i look like Obi Wan meets the Virgin Mary and im NOT in a good mood.

yeah..wanna know why? its cuz of you. you who had the nerve to e-mail me and say everything was fine when i havent done your commission yet.
sure its taken me 4 months but you get what you pay for. a highschool student WITH A LIFE unlike yourself, whos in actuality giving you a discount on inked drawings. breathing down my neck is not the answer. getting your wife to nag at me is not the answer. trying to make me pity you is not the answer.

oh..and i love how you write about me in your live journal about how im this oh so horrible person and that you can barely scrape by cuz youre an author. well got news for you, IM LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB! art does not pay for everything, thats why you need to get a better job IN THE REAL WORLD to at least get you on your feet. now i know 7-11 is technically a job...but you say youre a programmer, do some fucking programming.

and i love it that you e-mail me with *its okay, youre right, anger is not the answer, go ahead and start on a different drawing if one particular one is giving you a lot of hassle*
but then you turn around again and rant about me on your livejournal?! real sincere there. oh and thanks for mentioning every name i go by too so everyone of your little "buddies" gets a chance to say "oh wow, this Thornwolf sounds like a total bitch!" well i got new for you, im not.

JerryLeeps and Michele have had the courtesy of understanding that i am in fact working on their commissions, but wanting to do a god job, and after all, its first come first serve, and they were first. any side projects are to MAINTAIN MY SANITY. would you rather me do a shit job and slap it out in 2 minutes or really try to get the look and feel right? well, now thats not an option, cuz i quit. i quit your stupid mind games. you want your measly 15 bucks back..*ooh! whine whine cry cry booey hooey i need the money!* ive told you a thousand times before ill give it back if it means that much to you..but to be quite honest i think i should use it to help pay for my therapy session tomorrow.

one more thing id like to add, that you are SO UBERMATURE that you block me from responding to your LJ. why, cuz youre afraid my little *buddies* are gonna harass you? afraid i might say something that might make some sense? someone posted this in your Live Journal and you thought i couldnt read it....HA! thats a laugh..but i believe they do have a point.

you should stop boo-hooing that your stuff doesnt sell and that /artists/ get all the fame and friends. START APPLYING YOURSELF! if those editors hated your stories so much, then maybe its time to change something. after all, artists get critiques and if we dont change, were still gonna suck! =D

Reike (reikecorsac) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:

> (this is what i said) hey..what did i say about mentioning my name anyhow? you need a life.

> second of all, why dont you try putting some of your stories on furbid.
> ever try that? theres lots of stories there believe it or not. just a
> FRIENDLY suggestion

Their reply was:


First thing is first. You decided to write stories so it's your own
personal matter that should not be compared to art. 2nd Thorn is an
artist or better yet human, she's not a machine that just pops out what
you order. I know you waited a long time and payed her but sometimes
some motivation is needed for good artwork and believe me, forced art
doesn't come out as good. Yeah art on the net is more appreciated and
all in all, I myself am an artist but hell I do it for fun. Anyways I
agree with Thorn, maybe try on FurBid, I've seen a person selling a
maybe 1000 word story for 100$ ofcourse it was suited to the buyer as in
they tell the person what they want it to be about. I'm not seeking
flames and the bitching, I've said what I did and stand by it.

Thanks Reike, wherever you are. you make a good point *nods*

also, if you notice my recent uploads there is not ONE BIT of "furry fandom fan art" for my "little buddies" ANYWHERE! so yeah, youre lying on that part and dont know how to recognize fanart when you see it.

so yeah, grow up, and let me know your paypal address so i can send you your precious money back. or shall i keep it to remind me im a bad bad bad person? *oooo!*

oh yeah..and notice i didnt mention your name anywhere in this entry? its cuz im not gonna stoop to your level. have a nice day.

Current Mood: enraged enraged

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From: whiteyote Date: January 15th, 2003 01:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Ye got my sympathies.
simionlonewolf From: simionlonewolf Date: January 15th, 2003 09:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Just a couple of clarifications. It's obvious now that we're pissed off at each other because now we're both making mistakes.

1) I will pay you half my salary for a year if you can actually find me a job as a programmer with my credentials in the western PA area. No, that is not an invitation for someone to find a job for me. That is an indication of how hopeless this economy is. While you're pent up in high school shielded from the real world, let me tell you how bad it has become. It was either Newsweek or Time that published a story whose lead-in picture was that of a New York city street lined with laid-off managers bearing signs "WILL MANAGE FOR MONEY." That was mid-year. Today, lay-offs are still happening, though they have slowed quite a bit. For now, if you're out, you're out and companies cannot afford to hire as sales plummet. I had the misfortune of only having two years experience under my belt when a multi-million dollar government project when sour. Of course I was laid off. The people that got the axe that day alone could cram the big meeting room we used for department overviews every week or two. I've been using every job-hunting resource available to me, and I came up with only one interview and one outright request for a resume. No job offers in either case. Instead of becoming a leech to society like so many others, I took a job so I could collect *partial* benefits that stretched my claim over the entire year instead of depleting my entitlement in six months. I even had over a grand left over at the end of the year that I will not see.

2) The $15 was a down payment of a $30 commission. It was $30 per colored drawing and $15 per inking, with a grand total of 27 drawings. The math comes to $525. I was to pay you as you completed each picture. But four months and only a sketch of a drawing that is to be colored? Back in my heyday, I was able to turn out a nine-chapter novel in a year. Of course, this was also during a time when I was back in school and, like your are now, sheilded from the world. We won't get into a contest of who did more in their youth because I'm not trying for one-upmanship, I'm trying to make a point. And BTW, $585 is more than what I ending up paying Kim for all of her art.

3) I did not block you in any way from posting comments to my LiveJournal entries.

4) I did not send my wife to nag you. If it pissed you off, that's between you and her. But here, even someone with MAL-RETARDATION understands that the length of time elapsed with only a sketch to show for it is way too long.

5) I'll call you on your bluff that you have a life with as much time as you've spent online.

6) How can I improve when I can get no honest reviews of my stories? I've stated this elsewhere to you that I either get gushes or thrashings, and neither helps. I was talking to Kim last night while all this was blowing up between me and you, and FOR ONCE I actually had an honest review of one of my stories. She liked it, but pointed out some things that made the story unbelievable. Part of it was because the copy I sent her was so rough draft that only the characters talking to each other was written -- no inner thoughts, no mannerisms, no feelings, and no description as to *how* the characters were saying what they are saying. Part of it was outright confusion to the reader on my part, which pointed out I needed to make some changes or outright rethink the circumstances.

Lesson learned: Quit taking on so many projects. You should have outright told me "No, I can't do it at this time. I have other commissions and and preparing for college, etc., etc., etc." I wouldn't be as mad at the matter at hand if it wasn't for the fact that I had someone else reply to my emails looking for artists to do commissions, and I had to turn her away because you had already said you were going to do them and we were already getting into the details. I could have had four pictures by now, which means I could have at least had cover art for my books with the inside art in progress. People respect you more for knowing what you can and cannot do than by trying to take on all comers in an attempt to prove whatever to whoever.
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: January 15th, 2003 09:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
i dont want to have to deal with someone who keeps breathing down my neck for a commission when i cant get it right and need help with it. saying that things are fine then writing bad things about me is not the way to go. i quit. get kim to do it. you seem to like her better anyway. (ooo thornwolf is SUCH a bitch)

sure, ive learned not to take so much on at the same time. thats what life is, one big learning experience. but i even told you from the beginning i also had 2 more things to do that have been taking me awhile because of A: lack of reference and B: lack of time. and just because im online doesnt mean that im at my computer. there is such thing as an away message and there is such thing as AFK. nice job at trying to get me there ;) no really..nice. *claps*

also, please give mindy my best wishes. i like her, i have no beef with her, i just feel sorry that she had to get caught up in this. and despite having mal-retardation, i find her to be a strong woman who needs no pity, but for some reason, i feel youre trying to make me, and anyone else who reads this, pity her. some husband. glad /my/ boyfriend doesnt assume i have the brainpower of a gnat. also, after listening to you, im glad Tavis changed his major from programming to engineering. good luck to you on that job search.
simionlonewolf From: simionlonewolf Date: January 16th, 2003 10:37 am (UTC) (Link)
Keep breathing down your neck? Thornwolf, I think I was more than patient up until now. I kept telling you there was no rush, and to do a good job. The four months in and of themselves is not the problem. It's that plus all the other stuff I see you doing and the other two commissions I haven't seen you doing plus the other commissions I have read you took up. I won't pretend to know the status of those comissions nor is it any of my business, but I have seen you post something when you get to a certain point with those other commissions.

As far as Mindy, I'm not trying to get pity on her. Believe me, you will be in the dog house with her for such an attempt. Actually, make that the shit house. She doesn't even like me bringing it up because she absolutely does not want the pity and she wants (and deserves) to be treated like everyone else. I admire her most for all the shit she's had to put up with, especially her hip. She was born with a leg out of the socket at birth, which was reset but popped back out in early childhood. She was in a full body cast and had to learn to walk all over again. She gives up 14 inches and and 180 pounds on me, and that just adds to the respect she deserves.

As far as the job search...I will definitely over-evaluate any potential employer before I get back into programming. The stress at the end of my job was terrible. (As I stated elsewhere, my emotional ills manifested themselves physically.) In the corporate world, it's unbelievable how people who know nothing of computers can dictate a project so much -- often to the point of impossibility. My job as assistant manager is a whole lot less stressful, and it would more than pay the bills if it wasn't for the debt I was, and still am, in. Yeah, I was young and stupid and was aggressive financially as far as getting the things that make a home (or in my case, an apartment) your home. I lived just within my means, and when I got laid off, I was almost ruined. The debt didn't go away, but my income sure did. I'm a lot smarter (financially) now, but it's a little too late.
From: (Anonymous) Date: January 16th, 2003 12:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

Long Live Thorn!


I am very sorry for all this... I really think you don't absolutely deserve to be threated in this way, and on public.
I perfectly understand what you mean.
I really admire you for not stopping to level like those.
I wanted to let you know again that I am with you, at 100%, and, ("minchia!"), even more ;-)
And your art is truly priceless...

And you are simply great too ;-)


Your friend

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