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Thank you Sabby!

Yay! Sabarika is such a sweetheart! For no reason other than her just bein nice she made me this beautiful pic...
*click the link, dont be lazy*

and coincidentally i was making this for her at the same time, just cuz =)

yay for random art! wee! Sabarika is awesome and if you havent seen her art, go now! go! go! shoo!

Had a nice chat with Zer too, shes a nice lemur! *wags tail* Shes coming back to VCL so hold onto your butts, Zer's back!
All this nice chit chat and i still have not done my homework. GOD im such a bad art student!

Tiffalynx liked her pic i made for her, hopefully shell let me scan it soon cuz i forgot earlier *sigh* thats what tiredness does to you.

Talked with Tavis last night. The weenie scared me shitless with saying "you hear that? whats that in your closet? theres something there gonna get you..RAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!." of course we happened to be talking about paranormal experiences so that just scared me more. Thank you Tavy, i got no sleep! *kick* aww im sorry *hugs* love you love you love you!

Im hyper, its cuz i havent gonna go chow down...laterz
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