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almost as much fun as the guys from 7-11!

yep, talkin about the guys from Kinko's.

i walked in today and saw my usual copy guy, Muku. i swear to god, hes like an indian/middle eastern Dante Hicks. he has no accent or anything, but hes definitely one of those "im not even supposed to be here today" types. hes nice, and he always remembers me and calls me by name =)

some other guy helped me though, some weird guy with a ponytail who looks like a tall version of Greggy. i showed him the drawings i wanted copied and he goes "lemme just ask you one question, hun." in my head im like *oh please dont let it be do you have a boyfriend* "did you draw these? yanno i have to ask that, standard procedure with all the copyrights and stuff, blah blah blah" is aid.."ugh! but you should know me by now ;) he does *points to Muku*"
the guy goes "yeah well all i konw is some red haired chick who goes by the name of Thornwolf always comes in with her awesome art and well..i dont know"
so i said, well maybe i should just have my Thornwolf symbol on my shirt or something, that way you know its me =) he goes "you know, that might work ;) *

then Muku comes over and talks to him and says "see? this is her..THATS the one i was telling you about." then he turns to me and goes "dont worry, hes crazy. dont pay attention to him." Muku looks young but he has grey in his beard/goatee. hrm. odd.
but i think thyere nice people, and like i said, almost as much fun as the guys from the 7-11 by me who keep violet crumbles in stock just for me =D mmmmm munchy.
so of course i asked for a job there. dont think ill get one but...mebbe. if the whole "getting a job at edwards theatres" falls through.

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