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paul keep an eye out in your mailbox for a money order.

and Tavis wanted me to post this in case Paul screened it...but this is what he posted to Paul:

Ok, you know what? I hope you don't mind people never trusting you again, cause that's what your bringing upon your self... We all know you deleted Corsac post And that DC Mirror Eyes and Kahateni Coyote both attempted to post, but you didn't approve them. So, how about this? Nicole is a 17 year old girl. Your a 25 year old man. Your $15 is already headed back to you, so drop it, or harassment charges will be brought up. Yes, I am threatening you. So what? Now lets see if you let this post on your LJ... It will already be on Nicole's.

granted, ive been acting like a child. and im sorry for that. i am 17 but i still have a lot to learn in making the transition from childhood to adulthood. but paul is 25 or so and has made that transition a long time ago. perhaps we both need to realize that this is stupid and childish
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