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wow what an evening

Yesterday my mom went outta town so i wanted to have a party with all my friends. of course...with my luck, it didnt happen.
Liz was sick
Jenny, of course, was with her boyfriend
Tiffany was working on this massive ammount of art projects
Travis was most likely with his girlfriend Nell, *plus if it was just gonna be me and amy it would just be awkward to have him there*
so amy just came over.

we wanted to rent some movies, get a pizza etc. so we went to 7-11 to get a violet crumble and man! the 7-11 was so crowded i had to park behind the carls jr. ! i dont know why but my town has been so overly crowded with younger people *not old people for a change* and i dont know why theyre there.
we then went to blockbuster and it was a....get this..30-40 minute wait in line. yep. they said so on the door. they said they were understaffed. well if theyre understaffed why arent they hiring me? i applied awhile ago and my buds that worked there said theyd get me in. yeah right.

so we then went to starbucks and got coffee, and got a vanilla latte for Tiff to cheer her up.
we drove to Tiff's house, gave her the coffee and chatted for awhile. told her our evening was sucking already and it had already been about an hour. she told us to go to Longs Drugs to rent a movie. so we wished her well on her projects and tried the other blockbuster before going to Longs.

another 30-40 minute wait. and who else did i see there but my former friend, Annie being sweet as can be and making me feel guilty i didnt get her a birthday card. *eep* talk about an awkward situation. but for someone whos 18 she sure didnt do anything /fun/. go buy a lotto ticket! go gamble at an indian casino!

so then Amy and i made our way over to Long's and on the way, called Papa Johns Pizza who said it would be a 45 minute wait. plenty of time.
got to Longs, and decided we wanted to rent a dirty comedy. it was between Van Wylder and Not Another Teen Movie. shes not allowed to see Not Another Teen Movie, but she turned 18 last we rented it ;)
of course i had to fill out a whole rental card thing and the night shift at longs drags their feet to no end.

get back home, watch the movie. an hour goes by. no pizza. we call the pizza place and they say *well we were there but no one was home* and were like "um..we were here the whole time" *the whole longs thing did NOT take 45 minutes i assure you*. so they made another one and said for us to come pick it up in 15 minutes. grargh! pick it up? its 9:00, they close at midnight. cant they still deliver? im in my PJ's! ah well..

so we went to the pizza place and they were locked. great. but then the guy in there saw us and let us in =P he hands us our pizza and we go to pay and he goes "oh no its fine its free". were like "wait...what?" he goes "its free."

ROCK ON!! we did a little dance on the way back to the car and thought of all the crazy things they must have done to our pizza, especially cuz its free *suspicious much?*

so we got home, watched the rest of our movie, ate our pizza and ate our violet crumbles. the whole evening cost under 5 bucks with the movie rental, starbucks, violet crumbles, and liter of rootbeer we bought.
yay! cheapness!
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