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let it go. why do you keep trying to nitpick and get in the last word. i had already said that its over, not to mention e-mail you at Mindy's request. its just making you sound like a blithering idiot. youre getting your money back. no one supports you. end of story. go away and leave me alone. go write something and try to make your "chunk of change" instead of picking fights with teenagers. its VERY immature. i was immature enough to continue this with you for over a period of a few hours. im willing to let it go and get on with my life and finish the top priority commissions i have to do. oh..and for the record, i wasnt mentioning any of MY stuff on furbid, i was merely suggesting in a calm, collected and FRIENDLY way that perhaps you should try selling some of your books on furbid. guess i was in the wrong for trying to do something nice.

THE END! you hear that? THE END! NO MORE! anything more said on the topic ist just stupid
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