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woo hoo! art school goodness!

well i think after today i can safely say that the Art Institute is DEFINITELY off my list.

Today was National Portfolio Day and it was hosted at the laguna college of art and design *the place i took figure drawing and basics of drawing at for credits*

if you care, please read on, but its just about me gloating about their suggestions for work i should do etc etc....mmm comic-booky storyboardy goodness...

for those of you who dont know what portfolio day involves, its where you take in the best of the best of your work *in your opinion* and show it to representatives of different art schools. they tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio, whether you pass the requirements for their particular school, and also give you information on their school and feedback on your major. im aiming towards animation because i love storyboarding and character design. its my passion, if you will, but i used to be leaning more towards illustration. so all in all i can actually do both, if not just about a little bit of everything involving drawing *gloat gloat*

okay, considering the wait for each school was so long i only went to 4 school booths, but thats a lot more than last year when i only went to 2. and last year they thought i was good..wait till you hear what they had to say this year *Blushy*

first, heres a brief list of what i included in my portfolio:
figure drawing
gesture drawing
storyboards for "the idiot chronicles"
character design ie: my anthros (examples include pardo nightwalker, city dog and beach dog, vixentaur as well as various slides from last years AP concentration)
slides from last year's AP class
wildlife watercolors
the owls
were sketches
works in progress
matted works (of the still life variety)

and heres what they had to say.
paraphrased but these are the main points they made:

From the School of Visual Arts in NY, NY= "have you considered becoming a comic book artist? you seem you would be very good with DC or perhaps even Marvel. your expressions are amazing and you can definitely tell a story with pictures alone.
your character design is wonderful as well and you have a great knowledge of anatomy and motion. your gesture drawings show that you have a great sense of movement.
the fact that you show us some illustration as well as some character design, shows us the variety of mediums with which you work. you have both a knowledge of realistic animals and anatomy, but also can apply them to your characters as well. very nice, would like you to come visit our campus and see if you like it

from the Laguna College of Art and Design: (this is an actual quote) "WOWY WOWY WOW! okay im going to talk to you different because your stuff is REALLY REALLY REALLY good." (and to continue with the paraphrasing) as far as your AP class still life stuff, get rid of it. its clear you didnt like doing it and i think maybe just one or two would be okay, just to show that you know HOW to do it, but since your not concentrating on it it shouldnt matter. im the teacher of character design here at this school and i love the way you draw these characters. theyre very cleverly done and they have a great deal of emotion. your storyboards are amazing and i love how youve done them in the correct format and still manage to tell a story. wow, that movie was a really dark one wasnt it, especially with the dead bunny! (then she shows my stuff to the other teachers who were blown away)
i cant believe you did this scratchboard of BLACK DOGS. the shine on them is amazing, and i love your knowledge of color. you definitely should not have to worry about portfolio application. id definitely say that your portfolio has passed the requirements.

Pratt, Brooklyn, NY= you have a lot of skill here! your SAT scores were a little low but i can clearly see that you are passionate about what you do and you will definitely excell at our school. your figure drawing is wonderful and i dont think you should have any problem whatsoever in that area of education. id like to see you use more color in your figure drawing, however, because i notice a lot of charcoal. these character designs are wonderful and very imaginative. keep up the great work and i definitely think youll do a great job. your portfolio has definitely passed and does not need to be reviewed again. all you need to do to apply is fill out the paperwork which we will send to you and well look forward to seeing you.

OTIS, California= (this school practically worshipped me, ask Tiff...woo hoo!)
first, the admissions councellor took a look at it :

one thing im noticing is that you should place all your pieces in the order you would like to show them in, but in this special case i see so much variety its hard to tell which is better! you have a lot of life to your characters, and your ability to combine photographs to create one picture is astounding. im really loving your gestures as they show a lot of emotion in just a few strokes. it is refreshing to hear that you have accomplished so much in high school and have actually worked in your field of interest and have experienced the world of independent film. this is excellent and i think you will do a wonderful job at our school. this is amazing and i must show it to the animation and illustration teachers.

illustration teacher: and youre in high school?

animation teacher: (with blown away look) oh my god. ive seen some stellar stuff today but....lemme just say wow. your storyboards are hilarious! and who says you have to be an animator if you major in animation? you can become a storyboard artist very easily, especially with our group of teachers, one in particular who is a storyboard consultant who has a very good book out. please contact her. i love your figure drawing, your gesture drawing is very well done. your portraits are very well done and i love the classical feel to them. the character design is wonderful and shows your knowledge of anatomy very well, and i love how youve applied it. i can see your own personal touch in the items that you showed me in your concentration and id like to see much more of these, because when youre passionate about what you draw, it shows. (i wore my muttropolis logo shirt i did and she said ) i love that shirt! i THOUGHT you designed that, it looked like your style! good luck with the online comic, but i definitely think youre animation material and will go very far, especially if youve gotten this far and youre still in high school.

boy i tell you what, if my ego was a kitten it would be purring from all the stroking going on =D

Tiffany did excellent as well! though she didnt have any pieces relating to her major, interior design, the colleges were very happy to see her portfolio and her wide variety of subjects. i think our art teacher, mr. snidecor, has taught us well. go tiff!

but yeah, so today was wonderful. i got some major compliments from the schools, most of which i have forgotten but thats the jist of what they said. i think i may take individual classes from all of them, maybe graduate from OTIS. i really liked the people there. probably cuz they spent a lot of time telling me im good =) oh yeah.

it also gave me the kick in the pants i needed to get me going on this whole *art school* thing. ive been starting to feel that i wasnt good enough and that art schools have "done it all and seen it all" that my crappy little anthro drawings werent gonna make it, even if i was passionate about it, but those were the drawings they loved most!! how funny is that?! they may not know what a fur is..but at least they can appreciate the artwork, am i right?

is this a sickening display of gratitude or what? ooh yeah. im good

(edit) did LJ cuts to avoid "friends page" spam for those of you with slow comps. ;)
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