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sometimes things just gotta end

wow. i cant believe it, but after wearing them since freshman year, i finally took off my yellow and pink linked punk-ish plastic bracelets. you know, those plastic hoop bracelets people link together to create this loopy bracelet? well ive had these ever since my friend Mimi gave them to me in art class freshman year and i have not taken them off since...but theyve been bugging me lately and i finally took them off. *sigh* i feel naked without em, but i think its about time for some new bracelets, or perhaps i just need to grow up and get some more mature jewelry?.........nah. ill get some black ones =) but still *sigh* its hard to let go of something youve worn for almost 4 years. especially cuz im OCD and kinda feel weird having changed something...*shudders* but they were itching me like HELL! im outgrowing them, it was visible. i could barely get them off. almost had to cut em.

goodbye little bracelets. i think ill put them on my rear view mirror of my car =)

oh god. they left a MAJOR tan line =P *shudders at the change again* MY WRISTS ARE NAKED! NOOOOO! *itch itch itch*
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