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something for artists to think about

whats the difference between a friend and a fan? some people are definite friends ie: Xian, Kat and Reaper just to name a couple, but ive really been wondering lately. ive met Xian in person, Kat and i chat nearly every day about thongs and crazy stuff and Reaper and i are always talking about god knows what...and its fun. but most of the people on my LJ "friends" list i have never even heard of/spoken to on a forum, IM, wolfhome, e-mail whatever. some may just be fans, who i appreciate very much, and some just may be well wishers, etc etc, but most of whichi have never talked to. i think im gonna do some friends list editing. please dont take it personally, i think i just need to narrow it down, and perhaps this will give you a chance to get to know me better by talking to me rather than reading my LJ? you know where to reach me...
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