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wow, we can cook!

Liz and Amy came over today and we decided to cook. we ended up making these little fish roll things with pasta. the fish was sole and we had breadcrumbs, sauteed onions, paprika, basil, salt, pepper and seasoned salt, and we put butter on it and baked it in the oven. the pasta i made up, i just grabbed some bowtie pasta, made the sauce with alfredo sauce, mozzerella cheese, basil, seasoned salt little bit of pepper and viola, cheese-o-licious and creamy =) *mmmmm*

while we ate we watched clerks and later on we went to 7-11, grabbed some violet crumbles, donuts, nesquik and slurpees and watched 2 of the clerks cartoons *episodes one and 2* btw...double chocolate nesquik is excellent with violet crumbles *drool* i have 2 and i have one more left to snack on tomorrow =D

now im gonna have a phone date with Tav in a few minutes. we dedicated the rest of the evening to talk together and unwind. *mrrr*
its been a good day =)

next time amy, liz and i get together were doing sushi and watching mallrats. *wags*
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