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i wish i was going to FC. the more i read about it the more depressed i get. i feel that im the only one whos not going. Engel and Reaper....but thats it. *sigh* we should throw ourselves a pity party. whens the next con in Cali? anything in SD? what about the Philly one..when and where is that? *needs input*

FC Vixen Status:

Xian, today was a holiday and apparently postal workers dont like to work on holidays =P, im assuming its going out tomorrow. i tried to keep it as stiff as possible but its got bubble wrap and cardboard in it cuz the place ran out of the larger variety photomailers *grrs*
if something happens to it (God forbid) i got a back up, no worries.

ugh, someones sucking up to me ATM...*puts away message on*
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