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all that work just to go home

i have finals today. well. that is i would if the 2 classes i was SUPPOSED to have finals in werent art-type classes. animation, i stayed in and doodled and amazed people with some crazy demon wolf lynx thing i made up. photo i definitely had no final and Mr. Walker was gonna be in and out of the room throughout the period so i asked him "can i go home" and he said "well i cant tell you you can, but im gonna go in the darkroom. if youre not here by the time i get back well, then what can i say, right?"
so i left. i dodged yard dogs *the yard duty people who monitor our every move* i snaked behind buildings and i finally got 5 feet from my car and a yard dog stopped me and asked if i have off role this period. i said i dont have a final and i saw no harm in leaving.

of course, she carted me back to mr. walkers class to ask for a pass to the nurse where i could just call my mom and ask to go home. why dont i just call my mom with my cell phone?! is my mom gonna sound any different depending on which phone i use? sheesh =P

so mr. walker wasnt in the room so the yard dog took me all around the school again, still no mr. walker. we went back to the class and he was finally there and i got a pass from him to go to the nurse.

i went to the nurse and called my mom, no answer. called home to see if mike was here, no answer, moms cell, no answer. i didnt have my cell phone on me *it was in my car...i was SO CLOSE!* so i didnt know dads number by heart or mikes cell phone number. so i called grandma. apparently any relative/adult will do, the nurse let me go home and gave me some lecture about how theyre responsible for me. yeah, i admit, theyre right, but do they have to go around in circles finding the most complicated way for me to go home? i had tons of SIMPLER ideas. blah =P

after all that i got a sprinkled donut, some milk, and now i think im gonna take a nap before i tackle some more commissions. i wanna be able to get Michele's all the way inked by today if i can, and if possible, add some color.
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