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ooo! reality TV isnt so evil after all

okay, i have to admit, though ive tried to avoid it as much as possible, im hopelessly addicted to reality TV. lets start off the week shall we?
Joe Millionaire
Joe Millionaire again
American Idol
American Idol again
Blind Date

and not only that, but mom has gotten into Joe Millionaire with me. *we found out a distant cousin of moms brothers ex wife's that a cousin whatever? is on the show, she was the bitch in the first episode, Heidi or however you spell it*

and also, i just got off the phone with my dad and hes as bad as me! hes been really following Joe Millionaire and was able to catch the last episode of American Idol so we discussed that.

i dont think ive ever been closer to my parents =) *grins* i feel good, i dont think i need to go to my councelling appointment tomorrow. eh..might as well.
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