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I feel so loved!

wow! im really happy now!
First Sabarika makes me a perdy pic, now Zer doodled me a little something with her tablet and i luuuv it!
Thank you Zer! *huggies*
*cat walks by* Hack, Hack, YEECHH! *coughs up something that looks better than RM's art trade* lol!

School was okay, drew some more portraits. The naked guy we drew was uncircumcized. *ew* it looked like pigs in a blanket. In the words of my buddy Wynd, *ill never look at cocktail weenies the same way again*.

Oh god! i was watching the Daily show and theres a guy in a penis *fursuit?* costume walking around san francisco! OH GOD! lol! so funny! if anyone can find a picture of it without getting porn, please, lemme know. its part of an anti syphillus *sp?* campaigne.

Anyhow, Tiff and i arent going to the concert cuz her dad wont let her. Hes getting back at her for a past experience where she didnt go to some ice skating thing with him. *sigh* weird.
ah well, at least i get get my homework done. Im sure tav's happy, he was worried about me being at a *bar and grille* understandable though....

im hungry...i have a strange craving for hot dogs....
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