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what a night

What Forest Creature Are You?

Did you have any doubt?
Princess Mononoke was well drawn, had a great plot, but it dragged very slow. and the wolves had big ears, but at least you could ride em =)

Last night i was having a wonderful conversation with Tav *about ghosts of course..we always end up talking about ghosts and scary things* then the fire alarm for my appartment complex went off. the upstairs neighbors were having a wild party so i thought perhaps one of them pulled the alarm, but it was just going off in our appartment, and id ont think anywhere else.
Mike had to dig the central alarm out of the wall and unplug all the wires to get it to stop =P and where were the landlords in all of this you may ask? nowhere. they never give us any contact numbers in case something goes wrong in the middle of the night. none. when their office closes at 6, theyre gone. and i cant even begin to tell you how many times things have gone wrong in the middle of the night.
wild parties
car alarms going off and not stopping
drunk people breaking stuff
police pounding down someones door

and i live in a /nice/ neighborhood =P
thats what i hate about appartments. most people use em as sort of a "half way house" around here. *grumbles*
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