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This is so dumb it really burns me up...*grr*

This was my reply in their forums. I joined Sabarika and Selunca in the heated argument:

Didn't Jesus say that "ye who is without sin cast the first stone?" well thats just what you Jesus punks are doing. You are casting away your fellow man/woman and base your knowledge on what your *brethren* tell you and what you figure out on your own. You are wrong. Wasnt it true that Jesus did not hang out with the church officials, but he spent time with the downtrodden, the whores, the thieves. He loved them. If you think you are being like Jesus by hunting human beings and treating them like the animals YOU are, then you need to actually read the Bible rather than using its holy well meaning pages to smoke your fatty "joints" of false superiority. Take it from one christian who does not shun her fellow human being. I choose to love my neighbor, what do you choose?

God i hate white supremicist/christian/witch hunters.
I think if Jesus were here hed agree with me that you should treat everyone equally. Seluncas a Wiccan and i love her *hugs*
I love Sabby too. Never once did i ask them *what religion are you?* in order to become their friends, so why should it matter to anyone? Im Christian, so sue me, i just hope no one assumes all Christians are like those freak fundamentalists out there *sigh*
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