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i feel pretty! oh so pretty!

i got my hair dyed brown today. no more red. i needed a change. though the red shows off my personality, the upkeep was just too hard. for those of you who dont know my natural color is this coppery/brass brown. right now its dark brown, borderline black, but when it fades it will be a smoother transition. i cant wait till summer! ooo highlights =P then ill look just like every other dumb blonde around here *the bimbo kind, no offense to those intelligent blondes i know (wink wink luv ya) *

speaking of summer, its growing ever so close to me having to fend for myself. eep! im barely making it through school. and by that i mean with my sanity. my grades are fine. better than i thought actually. i thought i was getting a D in econ with my teacher being gone for a month *he had the flu, and also has diabetes, so that combo made him hallucinate when he read anything..* but surprisingly i got *drumroll please* a "B" !! so here are my grades (that i know of) as follows

Animation (not sure)
English - A
Screen Printing - A
Econ - B
Photo (not sure but im betting its a B, im one of the few slackers in that class)

mom says i have to maintain a B average in order to keep my car, which means ic ould totally mess up and get C's in both animation and Photo and still be okay =) wow. that wasnt as stressfull as i thought it would be.

now comes the issue of senior prom:

its on the 10th of May. Tavis' finals start the 15th. my birthday is on the 14th. *sniff sniff* do i smell a TIME CRUNCH? we still gotta figure this whole schedule thing out but im hoping and praying he gets to make it. i mean..what am i gonna do? not go? ill prolly go by myself. the only guy friend i view as suitable to take me to a prom is Travis but....we dont wanna go together =P its mutual. (good thing)

well, now that i have a killer headache and a slight fever, not to mention a sore throat i think ill head to bed. thanks Brenda, i think you gave me your "sick vibes" through the internet =D

goodnight all, and ill be sure to take some piccies of my new hair asap as well as scan things.
gah im such a slacker! but have i mentioned i HATE HATE HATE scanning things? why? cuz i have to edit the size, and if its a big bristol piece, i have to scan it twice, different parts.
but thats a new rant for another day.
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