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my response to the whole NASA thing... - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
my response to the whole NASA thing...
okay, so lots of people are deciding to treat this tragedy like september 11th and go "oooo! im so fucking tired of hearing about it all...oooo! they deserved it they knew the risks..." yeah, they knew the risks, and sure theres lots of news coverage, but it still deserves a degree of respect. did the people working in the twin towers know the risks of "low flying planes?" everything has a risk to it. even driving in a car has risks to it as Reaper said. so many more people get killed in car accidents, but if you think about it, are they as televised as incidents like this? no. if they were, im sure they would get the same kind of response. anyone who saw "Red Asphalt" would know what im talking about.
After reading DC's journal ive come to the conclusion she feels roughly the same way, and i posted this comment
i was watching the news yesterday and the anchorman made an interesting point "we spend more money on unmanned missions than we do on manned missions" um..what is wrong with this picture?! those are human lives for christ sake! and yeah, that shuttle was old as can be! makes me wonder if they at least checked the heat tiles or anything. oh...and they KNEW it had problems with heat tiles from the last mission. youd think they would fix it cuz you know, thats the only thing keeping the soft little bodies inside from being burnt to a crisp!

wtf is wrong with people, dont they ever stop to think "gee, what if that was my teacher, parent or loved one up there?" all those people were married with kids just about. their kids are gonna have to tell people "yeah, my dad/mom blew up in the columbia" that just...REALLY sucks. it made me cry to hear the president talk about it. i never cry and i CRIED! not to mention, not only do they show the columbia blowing to bits on TV, but they ALSO repeatedly showed the challenger exploding! why?! *look see here what happened over a decade ago? see how it explodes? yeah that was bad, now look at this...*

people need to get a life and realize that people are to be respected more. especially during such a freak accident like this, that could have easily been prevented.

it was so heart wrenching just thinking about their families waiting in florida, then getting the news and being escorted away from the landing site. i watched the coroners pick up human remains...BODY PARTS RAINING FROM THE SKY?! what a horrible image!!! and i thought..wow....this was just 7 people, but the whole september 11th thing had so many more losses and they were just as bad with even MORE horrible images. i dont know how people can say *oh im SO sick of it they deserved it*. no one deserves that kind of fate. no innocent human being at least. and thats what these people were. they were helping human kind in the name of science. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!

and i agree with DC that they shouldnt have used such an old ship that had problems with it already.
After the Challenger exploded, there have been many advances in space travel technology and they really really try to make sure something that doesnt happen again. perhaps this situation will be another learning experience.

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alex_to_you From: alex_to_you Date: February 2nd, 2003 03:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

I haven't heard/seen much on this subject, mainly because I choose not to. So many horrible things happen in this world, and to think that at least one incident, like this, could have been prevented by making sure everything worked properly makes me sad. Inevitably accidents and tragedies are going to occur, but the fact that this could have been prevented, ugh i dont even have words for it. I have respect for the people that were aboard, but at the same time I'm not interested in seeing news about this because of my great disrespect for the people who could have prevented it from happening.

But yeah, I agree with ya. feel better too!
engel_wolf From: engel_wolf Date: February 2nd, 2003 04:01 pm (UTC) (Link)


It was an old space shuttle, but come on, NASA would not of sent them up there if they knew there were big problems, it was a mistake, infact, they had just done a whole bunch of work on it. Right now they are thinking that one of the wings might have been damaged in take off.
dragoncreator From: dragoncreator Date: February 2nd, 2003 04:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
They said a piece of foam tubing broke of the left wing 8 seconds into take off. But NASA claimed that it wouldn't make any difference. They also said the tiles had some problems but they didn't think anything of them. Kinda dumb. But they are going to completely modernize the next shuttles. They said the last one they made will be the last one of it's kind. They're updateing all of them and retireing the current models.(YAY!)

I'm glad you feel the same way Thorn. I just can't stand it when people say "deaths and accedents occur every day" and tell me to shut up. I don't care if people are uninterested. That's their choice, I respect it. But they can't tell us to stop talking about it when it concerns us.

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