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I love this song

*plays air drums* ..hey jude, dont make it bad, take a sad song, and make it better, remember, to let her into your heart, then you can start, to make it better....

today has been such a lazy day. i watched an episode of powerpuff girls, "Meet the Beat Alls" thats my fave episode cuz of all the Beatles references. I love watching shows that has a billion references to pop culture, which is probably why im in love with Kevin Smith movies, as well as the Clerks cartoons, which you MUST see if you have not. all 6 episodes are chock full of humor and material that is technically copyrighted. *ie: starwars junk, stupid george lucas*

i watched Apollo 13 today. i found it rather strange that they would have that playing especially after what happened yesterday. i love that movie though. for you Balto fans out there, you know that scene where theyre waiting for Jim Lovell and the other astronauts to respond *after they landed in the south pacific ocean* if you listen to the score, it sounds remarkably similar to the music in the scene where Balto meets the White wolf (Heritage of the Wolf)
mmm james horner goodness =)

naaa naaa naaa nanana naaa hey Jude..

im waiting for Tavis to call me after he gets home from work. i havent done any artwork today. been feeling feverish. i was supposed to see my dad and go out to breakfast with him, but i just couldnt get outta bed, so he came over and looked at my portfolio =)
as soon as mom got home she started nagging me about my room. precisely what my councellor said was not a good idea for her to do *especially cuz weve agreed on SEVERAL occasions that MY room is MY domain and anything i do in there is my business and i can keep it however i want as long as i odnt mess up the rest of the house* blah.

okay im rambling now. im thinking of drawing something cutesy wutesy for Valentines day, yes, to the horror of most of you who read my journal. but you KNOW im doing it JUST for you!! =D *drooly drooly smoochie smoochie poo!* to download more really liking this.

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