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YAY FOR ME! im Smart =)

well, i think so at least. Tavis and took an online MENSA IQ test. its not really valid cuz you have to take the actual test in person, but this little warm up can give you an idea of how well youll do. Tav and i got the same score. =) mwee!

it takes a half an hour to do, so...time yourself, be honest and have fun!

anyhoo, been keeping busy as usual. amazed my animation class again with my figure drawing skills. i can do the gesture drawing okay but for some reason my brain cant make figures into *spheres and cones*..well the perfect ones you see in animation books and stuff like that. mine are always sketchy and theyre ROUGHLY there. ah well. at least i show structure.

speaking of structure i got LOTS done on Fen's commission tonight. crap..still need to scan those sketches. SORRY FEN! will do them ASAP.

i also have a couple more things i need to finish like Michi's and DC's avatars and finish coloring Michele's commission. oh why cant i finish things i start? blah!
after that i think i have a pretty kewl idea for a new long term picture. peace in the desert i think is on hold for awhile until i find it. yes! mom cleaned AGAIN! and i cant find it. that royally sucks =P i wish shed learn the difference between art and trash sometimes..i know she knows but....she doesnt know how to store them. ah well..ill just talk to her about it next time. i had a bit of an art slump a couple days ago and i thought it was gonna stay awhile, but thank God and *knocks on wood* im back in action and trying my hardest to imrpove. i think i may use a little more pen work on Fen's commission...try something new for a change with shading? hrmm....experiment experiment. *if it sucks dont panic, i carbon press all my sketches for easy transfering, i can just do a new one =D*

anyhoo. um..moo. gonna go doodle and talk to my wuffy boy now.

oh yeah! and i have kind of a favor to ask anyone out there, would anyone be so kind to host these LJ mood icons i made for myself? i dont have a website, but id be more than happy to do a little something in return if you wish, so lemme know! =) first person to offer gets a little somethin ;)
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