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sitting in Computer Applications class learning Excel. its actually kinda fun in an organized spreadsheet sorta way. perhaps i can use this program to organize my auction sales and whatnot, i really should, im so unorganized.

Today im gonna stay for lunch and help Liz get a date. she has a crush on some guy, she doesnt even know his last name. =/

I also totally forgot that i may have a councelling appointment today! oy! i am so forgetful *sighs*

Tavis' birthday is tomorrow. he already got his presents from me early. I got him a silky hawaiian shirt, a black polyester tie, 2 cards, a little stuffed dog thats holding a heart that says "i love you", a Dodger plastic toy (from Oliver and Co.) and a Sasha plastic toy (from All Dogs 2...he thinks shes sexy =)

his valentines day presents are lacking, but at least i got him something cool for our anniversary. now i just gotta figure out something to get for Liz for her birthday.
Amy, why dont we try for something big, maybe both of us take her out to a nice dinner or something.

ugh...Heather is quitting her job at Postal Annex and Jenny is supposed to have lunch with her today. i asked her if she was gonna see Heather, cuz i never do, if i can take her place at Postal Annex. Jenny's like, "just ask her when you see her". thats the point..i NEVER see her, and shes gonna see her today anyways! how much effort does it take to put in a good word for me? >=/ sometimes i doubt if Jenny really wants to spend time with us or be our friend anymore. this has nothing to do with it, but whenever we ask her to do something shes always with her boyfriend. i guess we know where her loyalties lie. yeah boyfriends are great and are important, but still, there has to be balance and friends are supposed to be there for each other. ah well. not gonna get worked up about it. =P

Yay! Ms. Masonbrink said i did good on my spreadsheets =D
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