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fish heads fish heads.....

i dont know why im singing that. probably cuz for some reason i cant make a decent tuna melt =P MUST HAVE CHEDDAR!!!! we only have mozzerella *gag* not good for anything but italian stuff. and you can FORGET about mozzerella nachos *shudders*

You are the Griffin
You are the Griffin. Half lion, half eagle, you are
magnificent indeed. You have a certain power,
which makes it impossible for anyone to lie
around you. You're main source of food includes
hooved animals and ocean-going animals, if you
live by the ocean. You're greatest rival is the
dragon. Your feathers are priceless, as an
arrow fletched with them will never miss a
target. But a griffin fletched arrow will never
strike another griffin. You're often found
guarding treasure and carrying around the gods.

What Mythical Animal Are You?
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You are the Water Griffin
You are the Griffin of Water. You have a temper,
but it isn't very short or quick. If someone
bothers you, you give them a few warnings
before you strike. Anything and everything you
do is somewhat graceful and elegant. You enjoy
knowing things, no matter what it is.

What Type of Griffin are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Forrest Giffis in my English class today had on a sweatshirt that said "NICOLE" in funky celtic-esque lettering. is this some new skater brand? seriously..thats gotta be the dumbest name for a skate company ever. if anyones seen it before lemme know, this is the first time ive seen it.

Wuffy boy's birthday is tomorrow..YAY! ahem..yep =)

Michael Jackson refuses to admit that hes had more than 2 plastic surgeries and he thinks hes Peter Pan. why am i not surprised?

anyhoo, gonna go work on homework and commissions. i did an Excel spreadsheet on my sales and savings so far. and ive come to the conclusion that i need to stop compulsively spending. yep..i spend more than i earn =P
damn you furbid! so many interesting items!

okay. going for real now...
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