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awww love you baby!

I felt bad that i hadnt been giving him the attention he needed while i was in class so i decided to make tavis a little piccie. im giving him the original =)

Playing around with prismacolor pencils *grin*

Today was my last day of class and i must say, i was sad to leave. Sad to leave figure drawing class that is. Im gonna miss Mr. Stubbs hes one of my fave teachers ive ever had. ill have to come visit him. He really likes my art and said he would check it out *i gave him my card*. Hes so funny though, my dad came to the open house/gallery and met Mr. Stubbs and hes so far back into renaissance art technology that dad explained some stuff to him and he was amazed, lol!
one example being an enlarger machine or lucigraph or "lucy". I used it a lot in art class =P

Hes a great guy though.

My dad said he was very proud of me, especially cuz a great deal of my art was in the art gallery. There was supposed to be 2 items per student per class but i had, 2 in fundamentals of drawing and 4 or 5 works from figure drawing posted up. and thebest part is, my work and tiffalynx's works were both posted on the front wall as you enter the gallery! our self portraits *ew* and everything! lol! it was like *our wall*

oh yeah, we both got B's in fundamentals of drawing and A's in figure drawing *is excited* WE GOT FOUR COLLEGE CREDITS W/ GOOD GRADES! WOO HOO!

Our friend Marcel came to visit us. he had his heart set on going to AISC (L-CAD) but cant afford it so he joined the marines *sigh* hes fun but...hella weird sometimes =P

Later Tiff and i went to the beach and hung out with a bunch of fat kids with their butts hanging out of their shorts. Say no to crack.

The waves were too strong though. I normally would NEVER say that but the fact that the beach was going downhill and the sand was too gritty/round to grab ahold of and stay up, i kept getting knocked over and even when i dove under the waves i couldnt dig in the sand enough to get back up. *sigh* it was nice to tan though. Tiff and i buried our feet and tried to dig out with our toes =) cheap thrills.

I have 2 weeks to make up for my lost *fun time* this summer before i go to new york and make up for lost *tavis time*.
That also means i still need to get as many projects accumulated as i can handle over this next 2 weeks. Hopefully silver's announcement will help, either that or Vesta gets back to me on a commission she had planned out *sigh*. i hate being kept waiting *taps paws* gonna go talk to my luv wuff (tav) and my partner in crime, literally, (tiff)


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