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wow, go Sabby

I totally agree with her Valentines day rant:

Valentine's Day. People absolutely HATE this holiday. Why? Why do they bash it, loathe it, go around with their "You all SUCK" faces and skulk in corners with their V-day hating friends? It's a fucking HOLIDAY. Get over it.
God, I'm sick of these little preps giggling and cooing over their boyfriends. Oh, they're sorry, they'll make sure to never express their love to the one they care about AGAIN because YOUR pussy-ass can't handle being alone. You know what, I'll tell them FOR you to please not hug and hold hands and kiss while you still know about it. How about that? Or maybe I'll just tell them to break up with their boyfriend for YOUR sake. Does that sound good? God. Shut the FUCK up. Yes, some kids get far too into the holiday and annoying about their SO but let them be! They like someone and are liked back so be it, no matter how whorishly annoying they can be. Valentine's Day is a field day for them.
All this commercialism, this holiday is nothing but the media's trap for stupid saps! Trap or not, it works. It always HAS and WILL BE a huge holiday because people SUPPORT it, regardless of YOUR groaning about it.
Love sucks! I hate love, I don't need it! It's dumb anyway, you just break up! If that's how you want to be, go ahead, but see how far THAT gets you the next time you're sitting in your room, crying, because you're lonely. Friends? What? Oh, I'm sorry, I must have misheard, because friendship requires the L-word. 9.9 Maybe some people LIKE love. They ENJOY the feeling. Sure they'll break up but they live for it in the moment until then. Maybe you're just JEALOUS.

well said Sabby. I, for one, have never enjoyed the holiday because, yes, ive always been alone. Seeing the happy couples DID make me jealous and feel, just a tad more lonely so i wallowed in my own self pity. yet i still made *special* valentines for my crushes, which of course went unnoticed. "hey Nicole! did EVERYONE get two valentines?" ** "oh. k." (crush walks away)
my first GOOD valentines day was with my ex boyfriend. his mom made it miserable at first by grounding him, but then allowed him to take me out to dinner and he got me some sweet presents. then of course there was the valentines day where i was not dating anyone but showed some interest in Tavis *much to his delight* and i made him this pic which he still has. And this Valentines day, while im still "technically" alone, i DO have a loving mate and i am going to send out his gift in a couple of days. Were just going to fully enjoy each other the best we can. We love each other very much and take any opportunity to express it. so yes,it seems that most people who hate valentines day secretly wish they had a special someone, or even someone that cared enough to show them that kind of attention too. Some people may just hate the fact that they feel its an evil ploy invented by the greeting card companies to get more money. Please allow me to celebrate it without ridicule and torment, and ill allow those who wish to to loathe the holiday and everything it stands for. see? everyone CAN get along ;)
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