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*itch itch itch* WHYYY?!

i dont know why, but lately ive been getting these...almost bite like thinks all over my body. just random itchy points that turn into bumps that end up bleeding cuz i scratch them so much. they feel like, you know when you get cut by a blade of grass and it gets irritated cuz of the fertilizer? yeah..feels a LOT like that..only ALL the time. i dont know what it could be *scratch scratch scratch bite bite bite* YARGH! i have no animals living with me so fleas arent exactly much of a possibility. anyone got any ideas? *grrs* *chomp*

anyhoo, started working on a pic i had an idea for for awhile. im not really happy with the way its turning out. its an arabian oryx female holding a cup and has arabian style jewelry and a shaul on. with the thickness of the neck im having a hard time making the shoulders not so broad and manly looking. i actually dont know why im having so many problems lately. perhaps cuz im not just "letting it flow"? i dont know. ill have to upload the sketch i have so far onto VCL. id love to get some help on it, cant post it on yerf though cuz i already posted that running wolf. have to wait a week.

i got 100 bucks from my nana and papa today for valentines day =D YAY! so nice of them =) i had a good visit with them, and it was so refreshing to have a visit minus a guilt trip. makes me want to see them more often! im gonna save the money so i can start building an *appartment fund*. i want my own appartment! grr! now! lol! i already have my own coffee pot/bed/dresser/computer/printer/scanner/end table. now i just need a place to put em in. and a blender. mmmmm blender....OO! and a toaster!! *drools over kitchen appliances*

okay. chocolate soda and vanilla coke in the same day dont mix. after all, wouldnt they cancel each other out?

gonna ramble on into bed...
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