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Happy Month-iversary!

Today is my 5 month anniversary with Tavis *kiss* i love him. =)
i just feel bad, he called me this morning and was like "happy anniversary" and i was all delerious and i felt sick and stuff. Apparently it was 1:00 PM when he called me. i havent slept that late in weeks! It felt nice =)
i assured him that that pic i made him was cuz i loved him and that it also counts as an anniversary present =) if i did it in the name of love it DOES count doesnt it?

Then i had to do lots of chores today *sigh* and im still doing them. I think im gonna go draw some. Kinda depressed in the sense that i owe my mom money and i dont have it. that sux.

ah well, im gonna go draw and cheer myself up thinking of Tavy Wavy...=)
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