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got this from Amy's journal

What band/song.....
Reminds you of an ex-lover: Blink182
Reminds you of an ex-friend: Island In The Sun
Makes you cry: Vanessa Carlton- Eric Clapton..that song he did for his dead son
Makes you laugh: Mest
Makes you smile: Bad Religion
You never want to hear again: R&B....never ever ever.
Sums up your teenage years: a lot of Blink182 songs oddly enough.
You want to get married to: i dont think id wanna marry a rockstar. they tend to be unfaithful...unless my Tavy Wav turns rock star then thats a whole other story
You like to wake up to: anything thats not the mexican national anthem
You like out of your parents record collection: Morris Day and the Time..Oh ee oh ee oh!
You love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: Mest
You love the video more than the tune: Blink182 Whats My Age Again *drool* NAKIE MARK HOPPUS!
Reminds you of your first crush love: Inside Out- Eve 6
Reminds you of your now crush love: John Mayer...damn you Tavis!
Makes you think of sex: Boyz II Men
Makes you think of being alone: Coldplay...god their stuff makes me sad all the fricken time! but its sooo good!
Has only been released recently but you love already: eh..i mostly listen to older stuff. i think im stuck in the 80's early 90's
Are you embarrassed to admit you like: the UB40 remix of "i cant help falling in love with you"...everyone hates it! i dont know why...
Perks you up: some really good Ska or some hyper Bad Religion
you love to sing to: Bad Religion, Five Iron Frenzy, Supertones..and i totally bullshit the words to Rammstein and know my odd "misheard lyrics" version of "Adios" =D

[Four beverages you drink frequently]
1. Milk
2. grape juice
3. cherry pepsi
4. orange soda

[Four TV shows you liked when you were a little kid]
1. Simpsons
2. Fraggle Rock
3. My Little Ponies
4. Are You Afraid Of The Dark
[Four places to go in your area]
1. student parking lot
2. starbucks
3. restaurants
4. other peoples houses. mines too hectic

[Four things to do when you're bored]
1. internet
2. talk to wuffy
3. eat
4. draw
[Four things that never fail to cheer you up]
1. talking to wuffy
2. an outing with a good friend or two..or three
3. surprise presents *hint hint*
4. godiva chocolate *chocolate truffles! hint hint...*

[Four things you can't live without]
1. family & friends
2. love
3. art supplies
4. my computer

[About ten years ago *list three things*]
1. I started the first stages of puberty *yes..young..i know..early bloomer*
2. i got a horse
3. i truley realized my love for animals and biology and art. THANK YOU MRS. BENHAM WHEREVER YOU ARE!

[About four years ago *list three things*]
1. i moved back to RB
2. i had senior guys hitting on me
3. i got my first D (physical science..with mr. bush. of course! fucker)

[about one year ago *list three things*]
1. i started dating Tavis *swoon*
2. i wasnt friends with Remy anymore
3. i stopped hanging out with the Gregs and getting serious about my life

1. i wanna know if my parents are actually saving up for my college
2. i love my wuffy
3. im tired

[Seven things you love]
1. wuffy
2. my family
3. friends
4. my puppy dog, jesse
5. art
6. being a fur
7. feeling im actually making my way to becoming an independent woman
*dont laugh*

[Seven things you dislike]
1. my period
2. how ITCHY I AM!
3. stupid people
4. being stuck "in limbo" and never knowing whats what *ie: situation with parents*
5. 3 hour time difference between CA and NY
6. the fact that this is my last year to see all my friends together in one spot
7. all the things i listed in my "things that annoy thorn" list

[seven things on your desk]
1. vanilla coke
2: brownie
3. watercolor masking fluid
4. a furry growling wolf statue from kitsune25
5. my Clerks lunchbox
6. "Walking With Prehistoric Beasts" dvd set
7. an italian/english dictionary that Michele got Tav for X-mas *need to mail it*

[Seven facts about you]
1. i bite my nails
2. i love to draw
3. im cute
4. im a fur, my mom knows it, dont think dad cares
5. im short and im proud
6. i have a really cheesey grin on my face
7. my butts asleep
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