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well, apparently Amy and Liz and i are gonna have a valentines day party, the sunday after valentines =) that should be fun. Amy, bring Gary =D

Then saturday i may be able to meet up with Westly and the Hyena with my friend Kura to see TLK at Imax or even just hang out and go to lunch or something. well figure something out. Lemme know if youre going to be able to, Westly.

Been getting lots of hits for a possible furry meeting of sorts for the next time im out in NY. heres the list so far:
Winged Siamese

please let me know if im forgetting anyone...i still need to check my post on Oakies forums. also, id love to get ideas for what we can do. So far Naryu suggested going to some nature thing she said was on Staten Island..need to talk to Tav and confirm. Fen also suggested doing a restaurant thing, maybe even renting out a party room at a restaurant.. etc etc. maybe we should go to a zoo? lol! that would be interesting. bunch of furs wearing tails and ears at a zoo in NY...hrms....hope youre the daring type ;)

right now i gotta go make a stupid spreadsheet in computer applications. apparently i missed some things and im gonna have to make em up or im gonna fail =P BLAH! i hate beginning of the semester grades! theyre always wrong. poop.
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