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of course!

i had to go to Staples tonight cuz i ran out of paper. i figured id make it in time for the simpsons, but somehow i managed to miss 15 minutes of it. oh..and guess which episode it was? yeah...the twin towers one. the one they werent gonna show EVER EVER EVER again because it had the twin towers in it..but for some reason, on the one night when i miss 15 minutes of it..they play it. i made it just in time to see homer go into the first tower. *GRARGH!* so i sat and watched it..made me really miss NY.
mom comes in and goes "you had company?"
i said "yeah, tiff came over"
she goes "YOU GUYS!"
and im like "mom..its just me here"
she goes "YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS! left the kitchen a mess!"
woo. two salad bowls on the counter. big whoop. i said "first, its just me here, and second, ill get to it after the simpsons."
so she goes..."LOOK YOU GOT STUFF ON THE FLOOR!" noodle =P she hands me the dustpan and WATCHES me pick it up. how annoying.
then i say ill clean it up after the simpsons, she goes "oh simpsons are more important?"
i look her in the eye and say "yes..they are right now. ill do it in a minute!"
so she of course proceeds to clean the like "mom! leave it alone! god dammit leave it alone ill do it in a minute! why wont you just let it be for 10 minutes?"
so she goes "nah ill do it"
i said " it down. ill do it."
she finally agrees. of course, then the credits roll. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

why do parents just LIVE to annoy you? i mean...sure i was rather rude to her, but still..i was angry and she couldnt have just understood that i wanted to watch this rare episode of the simpsons. heaven forbid i say "hi how are you doing" in the middle of "everybody loves raymond!" >=/ shed bite my head off!

now i dont know where Tavis is. he called me when tiff was over, i told him id give him a call before five. he said *thats cool..okay then* and i called him at 4 and he didnt answer. hasnt been answering his phone or calling me back for the past 2 hours! *is angry and bristly* WHY WONT HE ANSWER?!

okay..gonna go eat some chocolate VERY PMS'y
mm...its got coffee flavored inside..*chomp*
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