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Kyoldie rip?

i hate how if you wanna draw a were or something its always gonna look like a kyoldie rip. poop!

please for the love of god tell me that i have a style...of my own....i swear to dog im not trying to copy them but whenever i try a certain technique its like * gonna get flamed by their little followers* i hate having to watch my step. quite honestly i dont think it or any of my other stuff looks anything like theirs but to those little sprats out there, who knows. its realistic, its a MUST be a rip.

the VCL uploader made it so you cant see the detail in her fur. *kicks* is the YNA one better?

i doodled this in animation. yes. i didnt feel like animating today. =P i really wanna finish it though. just in time for valentines day? hrms...mebbe. this falls under the category of *drawing for me...not you or auctions or whatever* who says i dont draw for the love of it anymore? I LOVE TO DRAW!

im gonna go relax. i got rained on. hard. i smell and look like a wet dog *shakes*
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