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did someone say *drool*??

okay..sitting here chatting with Snow, listening to her Balto MIDIS and i must say, im practically in tears with how well made these are! i remember hearing one or two of em awhile back....but man oh man......these are so beautiful!

we then talked about how awhile back i had an idea for a Balto Video Game and all wed need is someone to do the programming and whatnot, cuz i got the layout *i gotta organize it all again* and Snow's got the music skillz. man..that would rock! anyone out there know how to do it?

as i told her, if i ever make a full length animated feature id have her do the music...or...better yet! we have to have original music for our animation class...*ponders* oo la la!

now im all excited and stuff =D
You Rock Snow!
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