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a question for yerfers and yerf experts some of you have been bugging me to join yerf *eyes Reaper and Xian* but the thing so sensitive about rejection! have no idea =P
last time they rejected me..yeah i could see why NOW art wise, but it was for stupid reasons (crappy scan/ static pose etc..)

so i was wondering, are any of my VCL works yerf worthy? i thought maybe do my recent one with the LuffWuffs, but should something like that have at least some sort of simple background? what about my owls? they allow a certain ammount of wildlife-ish art...and they said that one wild life piece is okay.

and how about the they suck? how do i fix them? basically why im saying this on my live journal is cuz those yerf forum admins are so topic-lock happy i dont wanna put a topic where it doesnt belong..ask a "duh?" question or do anything else to annoy them and hinder my chances =P im sounding all nervous and giddy.

so *holds out a pathetic paw*
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