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i just wanna say that i love my wuffy boy with all my heart =) hes so sweet to me!
he just called me and was telling me how cute and sweet and snuggly i am. then we got to trill, yip and bark and woof at each other for a good 15 minutes and say our "i love you's" and sweet cute things like that. *sigh* god i miss him. hes so huggable =)

i was thinking while watching joe millionaire last night....if i were put in that position and had a bunch of guys wanting to go out with me, and tavis was there, and all my other exes were there..i would most definitely hands down pick tavis. no..not cuz hes my boyfriend now sillies..but because we have so much in common its ridiculous. i mean..hell..the fact that were both balto loving furs, thats kinda hard to come by let alone find someone youre actually attracted to mentally and physically. *mrrs* i feel lucky. and though ill technically be "alone" on valentines day..ill be thinking of how happy i am to have someone somewhere out there loving me the way Tavis does. *mrrs*

oh...and thank you God for bringing him home safe..just next time..please dont allow me to get hysterical. say something next time! God has a wacky sense of humor and loves to watch me torture myself =P
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