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someone...please..tell me the difference between an ocelot and a margay!
i was looking in a "field guide to north american mammals" and the picture of the ocelot and the picture of the margay looked surprisingly similar. =P

my eyes ache really bad. perhapsi strained them from too much computer or too much intense drawing. i think i need glasses. i had some with georgio armani frames, but i didnt like em, and i lost em, and they were the wrong perscription i realize anyhow. i just wanna get some simple frames for some *far distance* viewing. yep. im nearsighted to a degree..but i can drive just fine without glasses, its not that bad. its just annoying. besides, colors look more vibrant with glasses. why is that?

im fed up with a lot of things. my mind is a mess right now and that nap i took earlier today isnt helping my sleeping schedule. ive also been thinking about my job situation. i want to get a job, but its driving me nuts thinking that i wont get to do things that ive been planning on doing for awhile, ie: see tav this summer, AC, east coast furmeet...prom....theres no WAY a jobs ruining prom for me. is there a happy medium? are jobs usually pretty leniant if you had plans for something before they hired you? god i have a lot to give up.

also ive been kinda bugged cuz i have so many things i want to draw but no time to do them. i just cant bring myself to do the things i owe people. heres what i need to do:

-finish coloring Michele's SO CLOSE to being done its not even funny
-Westly is coloring my wolfhome poses for WolfDancer...*sighs* i should never have posted that offer...better yet, should never have drawn those poses. theyre more trouble than theyre worth *hugs Westly*
-finish sketching Fen's commission. i dont mind it actually enjoying the project. thats a first.
-color Goldfur's leaping foxtaur he won on furbid from me *shouldnt take long really*
-get going on JerryLeeps commission...JERRY I NEED REFERENCE PICS! if i dont have reference pics i wont be able to finish it im sorry. dont wanna cheat you out of your $ but you havent been getting back to me at all. need feedback.
-mail Fox Cutters prints *still havent BAD!*

and now for the things i WANT to do but feel guilty about doing cuz of my priorities:
-finish that drawing i started for Katarina. i promised her wenchy goodness awhile ago and im so close to finishing it
-draw random conbadges. did some sketches tonight...theyre fun!
-finish my LJ icons. yep...almost done with those...Katarina is standing by for hosting *thanks Kat*
-do some really elaborate pics that have been swimming through my head like that compilation project Tiff and I had in mind with the Arabian Oryx *shes doing the background after all* not that she has the time either that ones going on the back burner.
-Get seriously working on that running wolf pic Snow and i are working almost done with the prelim sketch. im not changing the head like someone said on yerf unless its TOTALLY wonky cuz...well..i start drawing things from the head and its kinda hard for me to go back without changing everything =P besides..i think it looks fine.
-make tails and ears for Tav and i. i need white, dark grey and light gray shag long shag. anyone got any or know where to get some? i also need some moderately furry dark grey/light grey, if anyone has some extra and/or knows where to get it please let me know.
-lots of other things i think of spur of the moment.

so yeah. in a bind. im getting to be where im unreliable and i dont want to be that way. im always on top of things when it comes to my commissions...i dont know how i allowed myself to slip. i guess it happens to everyone now and again
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