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im scared, therefore i sketch

to get my mind off the events of my country, i decided to draw a little bit.

here are some conbadge sketches..i figured id just draw a random drawing and eventually *after commissions* put them on furbid as "ask me how to color it commission" or something like that. i think it might be interesting...and id be doing it for shits and giggles anyways. these are fun. =)


and then a little doodle i did of Thorn and Engel swimming. Im such a goof...and no...she isnt farting. shes blowing bubbles, you freaks ;)

Water Wolves

i also did a little valentines day doodle i may peekies until im done with that one. i want it to be a surprise for my wuffer. *sigh* wuffer...i miss him. i wish i could fly him out here so he could be with me instead of that dreaded east coast. dont get me wrong..but i feel a lot safer here...even though were closer to North Korea. *sighs and mumbles* now im depressed again. back to the drawing board. stupid media stressing me out.
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