An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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weird dream

i swear i think my dreams are really a waste of time.

last night i dreamed that Tavis and i went to K-Mart to get some valentines presents. he saw some clothes right next to the door and wanted to see if he just threw one of the shirts out the door the alarm would sound. it did. and these big burly security guards came after him and took him to a back room. i got all worried and asked the security guard leader what they were going to do to him and if i was going to see him again alive. he said "maybe maybe not" =P jerk.
so then finally Tav came out, his spirit broken and hes like "come on lets go to Target..'sigh'" apparently he got the crap kicked outta him. =P
so then we went to this baseball field so we could be alone, but the "Big Heavy Woman's Baseball Team" was playing against the "Skinny Malnourished Woman's Baseball Team" and we really wanted to sit in one of the dugouts cuz it was really hot out. one of the big heavy woman came charging after us like a rhino when we set foot on the field...but we escaped and ran around to the Skinny Women's dugout and chased em out. they were smaller than us *tee hee*.
aaaand..thats when low flying planes woke me up 0_o
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