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i think im gonna stay in

i just came back from a job interview at pier 1 imports. i dont want to work least the interview went well.

i then came home and put on the TV. there was a special on about Lake Hodges. it must have been an old documentary because Lake Hodges doesnt exist anymore. its more like Hodges Valley. a severe drought caused the entire lake to try up and now theres an entire forest thriving in its place. god id just LOVE to go down there and search for bones/trinkets dropped off of boats. =) theyre even thinking about building houses there though i dont think thats a good idea. what if the lake fills up again? though i doubt that would happen.
they also talked about a "lake monster" that apparently lives in lake hodges. thats funny. i think his name is Hodge Podge. =P

quite amusing...
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