An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Moral of the story: Don't get a ticket

Well i completed traffic school today after getting that lame-o ticket in Laguna from that dumbass cop. I swear, i bet he laughed about it.

The traffic school was called "Comedy For Less" but i never got to see the "Comedy" aspect of it. It was not funny AT ALL. ah well, i guess you get what you pay for.

We all had to go around the room and tell what our tickets were for, mine was one of the most colorful stories out there. *sigh*
and not to mention i was the YOUNGEST person there!
Im 17 and everyone else was in their 30's to 60's. i felt like such a loser.

The hispanic guy who sat next to me, Saul, was pretty nice. He had a hard time picking up what i was saying sometimes but what he did understand, he at least laughed at my jokes. He also liked my artwork *he ruffled through my sketchbook like 3 times, showing others in the class what i had drawn* It was nice to get at least SOME attention.

However, not all attention is wanted attention. This 20 something guy who looked like he was 30 something came over and started asking me "so what art school do you go to?" and i told him my whole story about that and how im still in highschool *read: im very illegal still* He then was like "oooh animation? so: *and here comes the famous question that Tiff knows i absolutely HATE* Ever think of working for Disney? "*there it is*
i responded with , "Disney is the evil empire, my friend. Do you have any kind of idea of what kind of sweatshop they run? i know people who have gone CRAZY from working there. Including Tim Burton who suffered serious depression before he was allowed to do his own independent thing" he just goes "oh....really? you wouldnt think"
*well sir, im sorry to say but what YOU dont know could fill a warehouse.*

Suffered through some videos, was very disappointed that they didnt play Red Asphalt. I had missed that day in drivers training.

Just for kicks my teacher decided to keep us waiting till the very last second of class with corny jokes about a rabbi and a priest *such a cliche*

Finally when i was leaving the greasy ponytail *DISNEY* guy started talking to me again. He asked me what highschool i go to *red alert red alert* i told him anyway, and he goes *do you know Katie Brown?* hmm.i said yes but i could have sworn Katie Brown was my ex boyfriends most recent ex girlfriend. i hate that bitch...Branden and i are gonna do something to her car =)

Hes like *kind of a ditzy girl..not all there* brandens ex girlfriend to a T

So then he asked me if i had to go to traffic school anymore..i said no. he said he had already completed 3 and had 2 more to do!!! i said, uhh..for what? i forgot what the other ones were i cut him off cuz i was freaking out *he was getting a little too close to my car* one was him driving on the other side of the road. im like "this isnt england buddy" he just looks at me quizically. so yeah he keeps talking to me and im inching towards my car, sorta scared of him cuz he keeps flirting with me and i go *um...i have an appointment in RB and im already gonna be 20 minutes late nice meeting you!* and he goes nice meeting you and that was that. I kept checking my rearview mirror to see if he was following me though...eep.

dont get me wrong, im not really freakishly mean or anything im just REALLY cautious of older men who talk to me a lot and ask me a lot of personal questions like where i go to school what grade im in etc. because he knows what i look like he could easily come to my school and such and find me. i have had several stalkers before and am very nervous. I hold my own though. =)

so yeah, weeee! that was fun =P

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