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The art of Thornwolf
what is that you SAAAAAAY?!
I didnt get to see Westly yesterday cuz there was a problem in the communications department *snugs Westly* sokay. you busy next sunday?
Travis came over yesterday. we fiddled around online, i showed him the prints i bought. my Kyoht "Love Song" print finally came and its now on my wall *glee* now i just need to find my XianJaguar prints mom PUT IN A BOX WITH ALL MY ORIGINALS! *grrs snorts...*
anyhoo, we then bought tickets to "Jungle Book 2" for a later showing and ran some errands. we went to the post office, Tiff's mom was there and she gave me a box for Tav's valentines day present. i really owe her one. =D THANK YOOOOU!!
then we went to staples to get some envelopes. and guess what..theyve been out of the 11X14 inch envelopes...FOR A WEEK! i asked someone im like "hey, whats the deal, youve been out of these for a week. i need them. they go "ohh..um..yeah..we get a shipment in sometime this week so...yeah well have some soon."
youd think Staples would be on top of things. and of course, they didnt have my size puffy bubbly envelope in single form..but they had them in package form when all i need is ONE! *grumbles*
so then Travis and i go shopping to get the ingredients for my red velvet cupcakes. i figured id make cupcakes cuz theyre not as messy as cake and dont really involve plates, just napkins.
we got home and were all ready to make the cupcakes..but then we were talking about the clerks cartoons and he said something about liking episodes 2 and 6..and somehow that made me think....CRAP!! WHAT TIME DOES THE MOVIE START?! so we ran upstairs, put the perishables in the fridge then hightailed it to the movie theatre just in time.
we sat through babies crying and stinking and horrible song and dance numbers.
heres my review (warning, MAJOR spoilers ahead): IT SUCKED! the wolves werent in it, even though they referenced it in the songs (they also referenced being furs in that first song..dunno if you caught that one). there was a new character named lucky *one of the vultures* that was supposed to be "the new guy" and his job was to torment Shere Khan. and at one point the tiger goes "i find it ironic that your name is lucky" and supposedly kills him. but then, he pops back up again near the end of the movie! Bagheera spent all his time with the elephants, whos only job was to stop baloo from going into the man village and they couldnt even do that right. They kept referencing the old movie way too many times. The little girl who "lured" mowgli into the man village's name was Shanti and she had this little brother with her. but what im confused about is....theres shanti, her brother, her father, then 2 other women. one is definitely the fathers wife...but when the children get lost in the jungle and are reunited with the adults, Ranjin *the little boy*, hugs one woman, and Shanti hugs the other woman. are they the 2 wives of the father?? im lost...
i think they used the same animation from the lion king when scar falls off the cliff and the hyenas eat him, cuz when shere khan was hanging off that cliff *all lion king like* he falls with the same camera angle and just about the same way as Scar. its like they animated over him or something! then, a giant sculpture falls on him "splat". but he doesnt die!! no..instead, hes trapped in the sculptures mouth for all eternity. hed at least have some broken bones, theres no way hed miss being squashed =P its a well known fact that nearly every disney movie has the villain fall to their death one way or another. the most violent i must say was in Tarzan where Clayton hanged from the vines...but this was so anticlimactic i felt like i had to go shoot something to have my "death need" appeased! and is it me or did that rising action scene with Shere Khan remind you of the Jungle Book Video Game with the lava and stuff? The animation was nowhere near as good as TLK2 and that was a straight to video release! the water was 3D but the characters looked like they were colored in photoshop using WAAAY too much dodge tool.
all in all i think they tried to put too much storyline into something that just couldnt handle it. i give it 2 dew claws down.
i will say this as well..it was worse than Balto 2.

so then Trav and i came home to make the cupcakes, we did so with much success, and watched clone high on MTV. ive never seen it before but its actually pretty funny =D theres a lot of subtle witty remarks, and i love that in a cartoon, or show for that matter. its funny cuz ghandi and george washington carver were making some action packed secret agent movie called "Black and Tan", and Ghandi tells GW to say "say WHAT?!" but he keeps going "say...what?" and so he keeps getting upset with him, but then eventually GW goes "whatsthatyou SAAAAAY?!"

then we drew for a bit, and i colored goldfurs commission. quite proud of it and thank you Kat for redlining the boobs for me. i have the hardest time drawing boobs!

last night i had a dream about my little ponies. TRIPPY!!! now Reaper and i are identifying them. im describing them to her and she tells me their names. yay!

Tavis is watching the Daytona 500 today, and im gonna get ready for my party. such busy busy wuffs! anyhoo...yeah so that was my day yesterday. quite fascinating, no?

Current Mood: busy busy

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reaperfox From: reaperfox Date: February 16th, 2003 01:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
"last night i had a dream about my little ponies. TRIPPY!!! now Reaper and i are identifying them. im describing them to her and she tells me their names. yay!"

Yup! Because I'm THAT sad that I know 'em allllllll :)

Funky stuff. And I'll know to give Jungle Book 2 a wide birth. Have You seen 101 Dalmatians 2? How's that one? (considering purchase)...

From: (Anonymous) Date: February 17th, 2003 10:01 am (UTC) (Link)


Hey Nicole, the party was awesome. Thanks for inviting me. So yeah that whole prom Idea sounds really cool, we should do it, and disneyland or six flags will so much fun. Live Journals are such handy things too bad it's so hard to get one (without having to pay for it) I wanted one and it was like "You need a code first" and then I went like this :-0 but meaner. So yeah hope all goes well with your gift for tavis and maybe I will see you soon...or maybe not...who knows. Bye Nicole.
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: February 17th, 2003 10:21 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Gary

hey gary =) you can get a free live journal with a code and you dont have to pay for it or anything....if not its only 5 bucks for 2 months and then youll have a paid account for 2 months but then it will go back to being a free account.
the whole prom idea sounds cool but we gotta think of a less expensive hotel then the disneyland hotel cuz im thinking "wow..how in the hell am i gonna raise all that money?!" gah! prom alone costs a pretty penny ;)
and no problem about the party, i enjoyed having you there! especially cuz travis and cody kept bickering like an old married couple *groan* hahahha! 'twas fun. in fact i think im gonna write about it now.
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