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party party party!

12:30 AM, Amy and i got up and went shopping for party supplies.
Liz was supposed to get the decorations so we figured she had it covered. we proceeded to go to the grocery store to get some munchies, but then i call Liz and she said she had to go to work and we were gonna pick up the decorations she had. We got to her house, and these were the decorations she got:
balloons. 0_o
one of those isnt even a decoration. so we figured "okay, were going to have to go to party city then."

we took Liz with us to the grocery store and we bought:
various kinds of chips
cheese dip
assorted valentines candy *yes even those disgusting hearts*
pink lemonade and strawberry soda *yes, going with the whole pink and red theme*
chocolate and powdered donettes
cookies, *both chocolate chip, disgusting ones Liz picked out that smelled like fried chicken..and the really good chewy kind with the frosting on them that make you sick if you eat too many*
Gary was gonna bring the salsa.
so then we went to submarina and wanted to get one of those giant party sandwiches, but you have to order them a day in advance, so we bought 3 foot long subs and got, turkey, ham, roast beef.
Liz then went to the Vet *her work* and Amy and i went to party city, got some streamers, heart balloons and some other kewl decorations and a table cloth. we also rented Mallrats *drool* and Young Frankenstien *which we didnt get to watch*
oh by the way, my birthdays in may. i want everything involving Kevin Smith or Tim Burton....*mmm batman* ELFMAN! *drool* yeah. hint hint.

okay back to party business:

Amy and i then went back to my house, grabbed the cupcakes and grabbed the nightmare before christmas special edition dvd and monsters inc so she could borrow them, and also grabbed my red velvet cupcakes. we went back to her house and decorated until 5, changed into our pink shirts *mine had a rhinestone heart on it..shoot me now* and went to pick up Jamie and went to the store cuz we forgot the cream cheese for my salsa dip *which ended up being HORRIBLY thick and no one ate it. i think there was too much sugar involved*
we also got some stickers.

who was there:
Tiff and Tony never showed up and Kristen and Robbie didnt show up *even when they said they were going to* =P thpppppt!

we ate sugar and our sandwiches..the bacon looked disgusting on the turkey sandwich so we threw it away, but Travis is like "MM BACON!" so i convinced him to eat it out of the trash. then we were bouncing around and cody started humping travis, then travis started riding him like a horse..i swear theyre secretly gay or something. *just kidding Trav* and we wore the pink balloons like boobs and the red heart balloons as saggy boobs and other saggy anatomy. i then sat upside down like mork on the couch and started giggling like an idiot for no reason. we all looked drunk but we had no alcohol..its amazing what sugar can do to you! then i pointed at liz and said, this reminds me of freshman year! and she thought iw as pointinga t the couch so she was looking at it and goes "what? where? what reminds you of freshman year??!" as shes searching the couch. LOL!!!
we also went outside to the fire pit where scotty kept making the fire explode by looking at it *hes satan..and he hates me* and cody almost set his socks on fire. then liz pounced Travis almost knocking him into the pool.

im surprised Cody didnt start smoking napkins *yes..he smokes napkins..or did at our last halloween party at least*

ohyeah, and we watched Mallrats and of course i was pointing out all the Clerks references and mentioning "ooh!! silent bob just looked like Tavis just then! *swoon*"

then Tavy Wav called and he was stuck at the theatre and was going to drive home in that horrid blizzard over there on the east coast *snugs* im glad he got home safely. i worry about him..hes a good driver but other people arent, and he explained to me that everyone was sliding all over the place *cringe* that would be me =P

we all then piled in amy's room and watched the Osbournes and Jackass. it was like the first episode of jackass..or at least one of the first. it had Weeman as an oompah loompah.

yeah there was lots more to that party story but i have too much of a sugar headache to remember it all.....hopefully amy can remember more than i can *ouch*

lol so yeah..twas fun ;)
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