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green, dammit, green!

i went prom dress shopping today. i want olive green. but do they have olive green? NO! nowhere! they have hot pink, neon orange, piss yellow and other horrid colors, but do they have a nice olive green color? NO! *grr*

there was nothing worth my time at the mall. everything either had sequens or were icky colors or were too huge for me. im not a big girl. i dont wear a size 10. i need a 4. =( they dont make prom dresses for minis.

i went to this place called chantix and saw a pretty decent olive green one that was way outta my price range but i figured id try it on anyways, i couldnt get into it! it was so fluffy i got lost in the dress, then the lady *who was very mean and told me not to touch the merchandise* opened the door as i was changing and pulled the dress off of me! bah! and in front of a man too =*( then she kept bugging me about how i wasnt doing it right. well im sorry i cant get the dress over my huge ass. *sigh*

so yeah. it sucked. now im looking online and moms bugging me *grrs*
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