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bored bored bored

im sitting in computer applications and ive finished all my projects. so yay! i get to surf the web! im enjoying this class. the teachers nice.

however whenever i show my art to people who sit next to me theyre like "oh neat..." then ignore me for the rest of the period. guess i wont get much attention. did i mention i crave attention? ;)

im starting to not like the idea of prom. sure i wanna go..but its such a hassle! plus now im not so sure if ill be able to go to both AC and Prom because of expenses and an unexpected turn of events with Tav's work. *theyre turning his theatre into a 20 plex....* soo..i really dont know whats gonna go on with that. *sigh* now im all depressed. and ihave eye strain which is making it hard for me to see ANYTHING and being on the computer i KNOW isnt helping. my teacher begged me to go to the nurse today. i went.. called mom, and of course i couldnt get ahold of her as per usual. i swear, i could be bleeding from the head and shell never answer her cell phone >=/

i wanna draw, but then again..i cant see. i think ill sleep when i get home. its the only way to ignore the pain. *sigh*
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