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Things that Annoy Thorn part 3

im not in a good mood.
does it show?

-people you break up with who think youre still going out
-people who are disgustingly graphic when you really dont wanna hear about their personal life
-disneyland's prices
-the fact that prom is 4 days before my birthday, so my parents will probably be all uptight and not let me go to six flags. *grrs*
-when guys go out of their way to prove a point you still dont understand
-when people think theyre always right
-when my feelings are hurt but it goes unnoticed
-when the first words out of my moms mouth are "why didnt you do this?!" instead of focusing on all the things i DID do that she asked me to do
-when i cant get ahold of my mom when somethings REALLY wrong, yet she always calls me when im asleep
-telephones ringing
-popup ads
-people who talk just for the sake of hearing themselves
-people who say things cuz they think youre interested
-the fact that StarFinders ghost story scared me shitless and now tav has a new thing to scare me with besides the girl from The Ring.
-when he tells me StarFinder's creepy ghost thingy with the burnt flesh is in my closet WITH the girl from The Ring. *theyre probably thinking of ways to kill me*
-when people undress me in public..*yeah, happened to me yesterday at Chantik*
-when i get stuck in a dress, or any article of clothing *ill never admit im stuck if im in public..i just have to weasle my way out of it*
-eye strain
-when my arm feels like someone grabbed it and bruised it but i havent been in contact with anyone for days
-when i dream about my old history teacher hitting on me *uuughh..Mr. Christel! eek!*
-when mikes snoring keeps me awake.
-when food goes bad in the fridge and NO ONE throws it away.
-when someone leaves 2 sips of milk left in the milk carton and puts it back in the fridge
-when people put pineapple in baked beans
-when someone farts right next to you
-when someone with bad BO doesnt know it
-when no one tells you your backpack/fly/shirt is open
-when no one tells you you have something stuck in your teeth. nice friends
-when people never hang out with their friends but are CONSTANTLY spending time with their boyfriend and swear up and down "well i never get to seeee hiiiiim" *cough*Jenny*cough* you dont know what "not ever seeing your boyfriend" MEANS!
-*this is a big one* when people, instead of building their art skills to be famous, rely on their connections with "the greats" (oo! i know kyoldie! buy my art! im popular!)
-the fact that if its not a fox, it wont sell on FurBid
-that we never have snow days *laughs at east coasters then grumbles..lucky*
-its too cold to surf but too hot to ski.
-when people think all Californians are dumb blondes. not all of us are..just 97%
-when everything i draw looks like crap
-when my aunt swears up and down shell pay me for some art project, yet conveniently doesnt return my calls when its time for me to collect.
-when people look over my shoulder and go "whatcha writin'?!"
-when if mom asks "what are you doing online?" i say "writing something" instead of "homework" she goes "get off right now i dont want you on for the rest of the night". whats she going to do? dad pays for my internet access =P and i stay up later than her
-when im itchy for no reason
-when its cold enough to wear a sweatshirt but by the time its so hot i can take it off, i have sweat stains *grumble* so i just end up leaving it on
-when people think im a lesbian
-the fact that you can get a girl flowers and chocolates, but what the hell do youget a guy? a DVD? yeah thats meaningful. yet if i make them a poem or drawing its like..well what are they gonna do with that? *Tav you are SO hard to shop for*
-clusters of Winter birthdays. were everyones parents having sex at the same time or what?!
-30 keyboards clicking away
-the dumbass that sits in front of me and to the left in comp applications. he never does anything right.
-bones in meat
-fat on meat...thats disgusting!!!
-when my pencil runs out of lead mid animation and i dont have any refills
-when i can find a pencil, but no eraser..and vice versa
-when someone starts a sentence but doesnt finish it *mom does that a LOT* "so are you going to...." *going to what?* "what? i didnt say anything"
-when theres a guy named "Cole" in your screen printing class and your names NI-cole...and theres confusion.
-when couples are overly cute in front of me and i have no one to love *sighs* eh but amy and gary are cute so thats okay. im just bitter.
-when Tavis proves he loves me more than i love him with math *i dont know how he does it!!*
-when dictators say "for my birthday wish i would like the destruction of the USA". nice. happy birthday
-the fact that nearly every cool pet carries Salmonella
-turtles. they do NOTHING but sit and smell
-parakeets. do they ever SHUT UP?!
-cornish game hens. theyre not fancy..theyre just chicken midgets.

well class is ending .ill continue this later. =P
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