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my eyes still hurt. i think im going to take a break but it hurts to even LOOK at anything. and i dont wanna go to sleep or ill lie awake in bed all night like last night.
Poor Bridget doesnt start when theres snow and Tav had to borrow his moms mini van with the broken doors *Sigh* i really hope shes not done for. i love that car. Not to mention Tav really needs her.

totally random..i think i need to get checked for skin cancer. lovely. it runs in the family on the european side, and while ive had the luck of the natives thus far..i have a feeling my healths going to go downhill from here =P

on another sad note, Paleface the wolf passed away. My condolences to Timber and Dire. She was a beautiful wolf, and though i never had the privilege of meeting her, she brought a smile to the face of all who shared her company. For those of you who got to meet her at FC, you are very very lucky. *sighs* its a very sad thing when a wolf dies.

I think im gonna go relax before my interview with Tiff's mom. gotta do a report on Chinese people, and what better way to get the inside scoop than to talk to my best friends mom.
i think i need to take a hot shower first and get my thoughts together.
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