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Once again, boredom rules =)
I am Balto! Yes I am....I get my own movie ;)

[ Balto: 7 | Jenna: 3 | Steele: 2 | Boris: 3 ]

Test created by damon_k9

Take the Which Balto Character Are You? quiz at The Wolf Den.

I took this awhile ago and got the same result, perhaps i am destined to be the lone wolf dog? His mother would be so proud....

click to adopt your own!

I Adopted Aniu!

I am so bored, i havent done anything yet today. ive just sat on my butt and stayed online. Talked to Tav a bit today. I miss him *sigh*. Once again, thank you to Silver, Cypher, Vesta and everyone else for helping me earn money to go to new york. It has been greatly appreciated and Vesta, like i told you in an e-mail, your commission will be sent asap this week and Cypher, ill see about getting them both done and sending them before the 13th of august which i dont think i should have any problem in doing. Thank you for being so cooperative/understanding.
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