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i think i undersell my artwork. i think that when i DO sell artwork im so desperate for $ that i often post up my art for sale for less than its worth..i gotta get outta that habit. in fact..i should really get out of this situation because in actuality "". not many do at least..and even people like Goldfur can run out of money *so hes told me =) *
for ringtail pic i did is going for 20 bucks. 20 bucks!!! as Tavis put it its kinda like "nice work kid, heres a twenty." its my own fault though, i put that as the starting bid not thinking *slaps own face*

Tavis said that once i get my site up i can go all serious. get away from the immaturity of the VCL and become my own entity. Thornwolf. i can post my own art, whatever i want whenever i want on my OWN gallery and post up things for sale on my own site...originals....really good ones that i spend a lot of time and effort on. so from now on im going to take more pride in my work. im not going to whip out just a few doodles here and going to use my talents to expand my horizons and get better at my craft. i love doing detailed work, its about time that i did some instead of wasting my time on "i colored it quick cuz i wanted to see it colored" pieces. perhaps then ill get some respect..*Not that i dont know..but you know what i mean*

Tav started helping me with my site last night *snugs* thank you wuffer..youre so wonderful =) and dads e-mailing me all the FTP stuff today. i really wanna get this going. im gonna make some buttons tonight i think. its going to be simple at first, but for now i just wanna get things kinda "up there"

on a totally unrelated note:
GrayWolf i keep forgetting to tell you..silly me...i went to unicorn jewelers today and showed them the design and they said no matter what size it is its still going to be a flat rate of $100 for the charm you want to do because he has to make a mold for it, etc. just thought you should know.
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