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i am not a machine - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
i am not a machine
I absolutely LOVE getting fan mail. In fact i got some today from a kid in Italy who even wants to commission me to do a piece. *crosses fingers, i hope i hope i hope i hope*
I have even gotten e-mails asking "do you have any tutorials" of course, i think this is a grand idea, so i log it away for the future so when i get some time i will grant their wish. A great suggestion IMO. However, there are times when people just push me over the line and ask me too many questions at once.

I got an e-mail from this kid saying:
"Hi Thorn Wolf! Do you mind if I do a comission like you, only for free? And I won't do furries, I'll only do Wolves, malamutes, huskeys, wolf dogs, and Balto wolves, and wolf dogs from the movies.

Do you understand this? cuz i dont. Did he say he wanted to draw me something? or does he want to commission me..but for free? is it an art trade? IM SO CONFUSED! *pulls hair*

Then he sent me this after i sent my confused letter....

"Well, I want to do a comission, like you are, but just for free. So I can draw you something, along with other people. Can you tell me how you use photoshop and image ready? And I also need to know how to send pictures drawn on the computer through e-mail, and, how do you send pictures through e-mail that are NOT drawn on the computer.

Can you tell me those things?"

Oooookay....that is a LOT to ask for. and a commission is not for free =P thats called a gift pic/fan art
and it seems to me this guys never heard of a scanner.

I replied the best i could specifying that *you need to let me know what exactly you want to DO with photoshop* and i got this...

"Well, I have Photoshop 6.0 tryout version, and how do you get colors like blue, because I can't get colors on it. I can only get Gray black and white. and how do you get such fine pictures? With your pictures, it looks like they are hand drawn. and how do you get backgrounds, like the styles, and, how do you get the glows, and, how do ou get the awesome texture stuff, and the color fading stuff, like you did on Sabarika, and how do you get the irises on eyes of things to look so much like eyes? And, you know, all of the other stuff with that.

So he wants a free photoshop lesson now?? wtf? im not a machine! i cant type out a lesson comprehendable enough that he might be able to be a master in an hour! Hell, i suck at PS and ive been doing it for years!

I sent him this:

okay one thing at a time:
colors: the reason youre only getting gray is probably becaue the image is set at Grayscale. To change this, you need to go to Image, Mode, and RGB color. Then to change colors, click on the color squares and you can change them from there.

fine pictures: talent and practice really. if you do it enough it just ends up that way. =)

hand drawn: yes they are hand drawn first in black and white ink *pen* then i scan them in and color them from there

backgrounds: well you can use the gradient tool which is part of the *paint bucket tool* just hold down the paint bucket tool and change it to the button that shows the color going from black to white *thats the gradient tool* from there you can choose your colors and styles in the top menu. all i can say to you about that is, play around with it a bit.

glows: you use the burn and dodge tool, which is a pictuer of a hand cupping or a black circle with a stick on it. they are both part of the same button/option. play around with that

fur effects: use the Nose/ add noise option and make sure its monochromatic. i forgot what menu its under but youll see it.

color fading stuff: use the smudge tool which is a finger pointed downwards.

irises on the eyes? i have no idea what youre talking about. i just draw them honestly. if you mean color, i just use the same effects i use on the rest of the drawing. different colors and color fading.

but above everything else....PLAY AROUND FIRST. dont expect to go right into a drawing. i strongly suggest toying with all the tools and seeing what they do first.
hope that helps

I mean...what was i supposed to say to that? im not good at teaching people in the first place, and i learn most of my stuff through just experimenting, not necessarily KNOWING. *sigh*

I dont mind giving tips and reccommending supplies and providing techniques but all this crap? jeeze! i cant deal =P Theres just too much typing involved lol!

when i get my site up and running i MUST put this as an FAQ question

Q: will you teach me all there is to know about how you draw?
A: no.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: July 28th, 2002 10:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
Poor Thorn. I feel for ya. Being the computer expert(yeah right) that I am, I get bombarded with questions from all of those in my family such as the ones you just mentioned(just tech related instead of art). Unfortunately, I have no choice but to try and answer them as civilly as possible. It gets on my nerves, oh yeah. I just wish people would learn things for themselves. Heck, I even get questions about big cats due to my web site having a lot of big cat info on it. I'll get an email saying,

"Hey, I'm doing a report on leopards and noticed you have a lot about them on your site. Could you please tell me this and that and this and that and this and that, oh and can you give me all the pictures you have, etc."

It drives me insane. Why the heck should I do their report for them? Besides, all of the information is right there on my site for them to read, and if it's not, there are links to other sites with the information. As for pictures, half of the ones I have on my computer are copyrighted and thus I only use them for personal viewing. I don't even post them on my site. I'm not going to go through my big cat picture archive(too many pictures to count) and find all those that I think aren't copyrighted. Besides, there's a whole big internet out there for them to search. Yikes, your rant's gotten me ranting. hehe Well, good luck dealing with the inept of the world, which seem to be more and more numerous these days.

~Pardo Nightwalker
silver_huskey From: silver_huskey Date: July 29th, 2002 01:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Ack, it sucks when you get people who aren't willing to try anything out for themselves. "Teach me to be *just* like you, because I don't want to learn for myself" gets really annoying. Well at least you took the time to get back to him. :)

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