An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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i dont want to do my homework. i did half of it and im just so exhausted i cant do it anymore. i even took a nap this afternoon. i think my constant sleeping is a sign of depression but i dont know what i could be depressed about. i dont want to write about "cookies in cyberspace" ill get half credit.
i have so many things i need to do. i have no motivation to do them.

i have no idea whats up with mom lately. she keeps acting like somethings up..shes all concerned if she knows im suicidal *im not* and is trying to get me to admit it. shes really strange like that....i wonder whats up.

i need to start taking myself and my art more seriously. i need to grow up and be a mature adult. *sigh* i dun wanna! bah.
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